Adult Education

Inaugural Rabbi Steven Lindemann Lifelong Learning Center Series

A Just Life: Jewish Values in an Age of Choice

This curriculum, designed by the Jewish Theological Seminary, brings the wisdom of our classical Jewish texts to bear on the unique challenges of our day. Through text study, guided discussion, videos from scholars, and guest speakers, we will deepen our understanding of how Jewish ethics can help guide us to live good lives in our often complex and confusing world.

Jewish Values in an Age of Choice: Living Jewish Ethics Today
November 15, 7 pm
Rabbi Daniel Nevins is dedicated to exploring the sacred realm of Torah and its intersection with contemporary ethics, culture, and technology. He is the Pearl Resnick Dean of the Division of Religious Leadership at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is a member of The Rabbinical Assembly's Committee on Jewish Law and Standards and also of its Executive Council and Joint Placement Commission. In partnership with the TBS Bioethics Initiative

Justice in an Age of Conflict Rabbi Steven Lindemann
Thursday, December 14, 7:30-9 pm
Food Justice Rabbi Micah Peltz
Tuesday, January 30, 7:30-9 pm
Working with Justice Rabbi Bryan Wexler
Thursday, March 22, 7:30-9 pm
Surrogacy and the Ethics of Relationships Dr. Michal Raucher
April 27-29 in partnership with the TBS Bioethics Initiative

Join Us for a Day of Study & Reflection as We Mark the 10th Yahrzeit of Rabbi Albert Lewis z"l
Sunday, February 11
Rabbi Albert and Sarah Lewis blessed our TBS family with their love, guidance, and insight for more than 60 years. We will mark Rabbi Lewis' 10th Yahrzeit with a day of learning around one of his favorite texts, Pirke Avot. Together we will honor their memory by studying the ethical teachings of our tradition, sharing stories, and reflecting on their lasting impact. Part of our program will also include a rededication of our Religious School as the Rabbi Albert and Sarah Lewis Religious School.

We hope you will join us to celebrate our great friends and teachers, and, if you did not know Rabbi Lewis and Sarah, we look forward to introducing them to you through all of the wonderful memories and teachings that will be shared.

8:15 am Shaharit Morning Minyan
9-10 am Pirke Avot, Ethics of Our Ancestors Study sessions: Chapters 1-5
10-11:15 am Keynote Speaker: Rabbi Bill Lebeau
Pirke Avot Chapter 6
Rededication of the Rabbi Albert and Sarah Lewis Religious School
11:15 am Seudat Mitzvah-meal in celebration of completion of the entire tractate of Pirke Avot. We will gather to share memories, enjoy the music of Al's ChorAl, and hear stories about Rabbi Albert and Sarah Lewis z"l.

TBS Bioethics Initiative

The TBS Bioethics Initiative brings together experts in Jewish ethics and medical ethics to help us consider the challenging ethical dilemmas of our day. By continuing the TBS tradition of facilitating meaningful conversations around life, learning, and Judaism, we hope to help members of our community to build deeper connections with each other and between their work and intellectual interests and the lessons of Jewish tradition.

Jewish Values in an Age of Choice: Living Jewish Ethics Today
Rabbi Danny Nevins
November 15, 7 pm

Beyond the Quest for the Cure: Forging a Disability-Sensitive Jewish Bioethics
Rabbi Julia Watts Belser, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Jewish Studies in the Theology Department at Georgetown University, with expertise in rabbinic literature and Jewish feminist ethics. Her most recent scholarly book is Rabbinic Tales of Destruction: Gender, Sex, and Disability in the Ruins of Jerusalem. She has held a faculty fellowship in Women's Studies and Religion at Harvard Divinity School and is currently a fellow at the Katz Center for Advanced Jewish Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. A passionate activist for disability rights and gender justice, she co-authored the Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities. February is National Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month.

Scholar-in-Residence Weekend
Dr. Michal Raucher is an assistant professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Cincinnati. After graduating from the Joint Program with The Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University, Dr. Raucher went on to complete a MA degree in Bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her PhD in Religious Studies at Northwestern University, studying religion, anthropology, ethics, and gender. Dr. Raucher was selected to serve as a Fellow for the Jewish Theological Seminary for 2015-2017, during which time she has been teaching and consulting on Jewish ethics.

TBS Bioethics Initiative Founding Partners
Audrey & Yale Asbell • Kent & Kent • Jane & Jeff Kramer
Stanley & Doris Ravitz Acts of Loving Kindness Fund
The program is presented in partnership with The Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

Additional Learning Opportunities

Eric Danko
Oil and Water: A Surprising Mix for the U.S.-Israel Relationship

Monday, December 4, 7pm
Program held in partnership with AIPAC.
Eric Danko is Vice President for Government Affairs and Coalitions Management at Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE), where he serves as principal liaison to Congress, the Executive Branch, and the broader DC community in support of policies to improve the United States' energy security. Prior to joining SAFE, Eric was Deputy Director of Policy and Government Affairs for AIPAC, as well as its Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz, Scholar-in-Residence
March 14-18
Rabbi Berkowitz is the Director of Israel Programs for JTS & cofounder of Kol Ha-Ot, a program that explores the arts & Jewish learning. We are excited to welcome back Rabbi Berkowitz who will use the medium of art to lead hands-on workshops on Jewish texts for multiple generations including a presentation of his limited-edition Haggadah, Passover Landscapes: Illuminations on the Exodus.

On The Map
Tuesday, March 20, 7pm
March Madness and Israel! Israel celebration with food, basketball game & movie showing!
On the Map illustrates an against-all-odds story of Maccabi Tel Aviv's 1977 European Championship. Through the lens of sports, On the Map presents a much broader story of how one team captured the heart of a nation amid domestic turmoil and the global machinations of the Cold War. Presented in conjunction with Cherry Hill Volvo Cars
Jewish Film Festival.

Community Beit Midrash
In honor of Israel's 70th year, we will explore the prayers of our Siddur and what they say about God through the lenses of six modern Israeli poets. Rabbi Peltz, Rabbi Wexler, and Rabbi Lindemann, along with other community Conservative rabbis, will lead the conversation which will deepen our appreciation of prayer, God, and how the existence of Israel has led to incredible creativity and insight into our traditions. Registration is $25 (does not include book).
Monday nights, 7:30 pm at Kellman Brown Academy
January 22, 29, February 5, 12, 26; March 5, 12, 19, 26

Rabbi Zerach Greenfield
Torah Scribe, Sofer STAM
Sunday, October 29
Rabbi Greenfield will evaluate our Torah Scrolls, fix tefillin, and teach about Sofrute--the scribal arts.

Rabbi Greenfield will also meet with our 5-6 grade families as well as hold a tefillin making workshop at 11:15 am for our pre-Bar and Bat Mitzvah students and families.

Learning with Our Clergy

Learners' Minyan
Led by TBS Clergy
Learn about the meaning and choreography of the Shabbat morning service. Become more comfortable with the Hebrew text and our Shabbat tunes. Using Siddur Lev Shalem (the new Siddur of the Conservative Movement), we will explore the prayers step-by step, working towards becoming a community of pray-ers. There will be teaching, discussion, and praying. No prior knowledge of prayers or Hebrew necessary. All are welcome.
10:30 am October 28, December 2, January 27, March 3

Lunch and Learn: Prophet Sharing
Led by Rabbi Micah Peltz, Rabbi Bryan Wexler, and Rabbi Steven Lindemann
We will continue our journey through the books of the Prophets by studying the Haftarot taken from the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and other prophets. We will be using the Etz Hayyim Humash and "The Jewish Study Bible" which will be available for purchase on the first day of class. You bring the lunch, and we'll bring the learn!
Tuesdays 12:30-1:30 pm
September 12, 26; October 10, 24; November 14, 28; December 12; January 9, 23; February 6, 20; March 20; April 10, 24; May 1, 15

Judaism Today & Tomorrow: Conversations on Contemporary Issues
Led by Rabbi Micah Peltz
Join business professionals for lunch and discussion about topics and issues facing the Jewish world today. Topics will include Intermarriage, Religious Pluralism in Israel, Anti-Semitism, the future of the Conservative movement, and other contemporary concerns that will no doubt come up during the year. Lunch will be available for purchase for $10/session. Sessions will be hosted by members at local businesses.
Wednesdays 12-1:15 pm
October 18, November 8, December 6, January 17, February 7, March 21, April 11, May 9

Tuesday Night Talmud: Masekhet Sota
Led by Rabbi Steven Lindemann
Masekhet Sota takes its title from the ritual of "Bitter Waters" used to determine if a woman had committed adultery. Is this an element of magic which made its way into Judaism from surrounding culture or a type of "trial by water" grounded in the psychology of guilt? We'll see how the Talmud and commentary understand the ritual. But Masekeht Sota contains much more interest. There are ethical matters, such as exemption from military service, legends about the childhood of Moses and the heroism of Samson, historical references to civil war between the descendants of the Maccabees, and theological statements about love of God versus duty to Divine will. Law and legend are both featured in this in this fascinating Tractate.
Tuesdays at 8:15 pm
October 10, 24; November 14, 28; December 12, 19; January 9, 23; February 13, 20; March 27; April 10, 24; May 8, 22

Soul Sisters in the Bible
Led by Cantor Jen Cohen
Join Cantor Cohen and the Soul Sisters as we continue to meet the players and explore the family dynamics of the Bible and Prophets.
Wednesdays 1 - 2 pm
September 13, 27; October 11, 25; November 15, 29; December 13; January 10, 24; February 14, 28; March 14; April 11, 25; May 9

Yad Squad Led by Cantor Jen Cohen
Cantor Cohen invites post-b'nai mitzvah students of all ages to form a new Torah-reading team for TBS! Improve your skills, have fun, learn a lot, and work toward earning a TBS yad. Interested teens and adults will meet with the cantor as a group on several Sunday mornings, then work on their own to prepare readings for Shabbat mornings during the year. Sunday, October 15, 12 pm; Email Cantor Cohen for more information.

Interfaith Family Gatherings
Led by Rabbi Micah Peltz
Opportunities for interfaith families to get together and support each other in our community.
Sundays, 11:30 am-1 pm
October 15, December 10, March 11

Morning Minyan
Siddur Insights Led by Rabbi Bryan Wexler, Tuesdays at 7 am
Using classical commentary and contemporary interpretations, we will seek to infuse the words of the Siddur with additional meaning. Prayer is simultaneously an approach to God and an experience of profound introspection. History and theology, poetry and prose, music and meditation, the words of the page and the words of our hearts all come together to comprise Jewish prayer. We pour our hearts and minds into our prayers, discovering new meaning in ancient words by learning from the sages of the Talmud and modern scholars. Together we will explore various prayers of the Shaharit (morning) service and share our own thoughts and feelings about the prayers and how they can add meaning to our lives.

Barukh She'asani Yisrael
Blessed be God Who has Made Me Part of Israel: Insights into Israel at 70
Led by Rabbi Steven Lindemann, Wednesdays at 7 am
Not a day goes by without Israel being in the news. Issues of security, terrorism, religious controversies, cutting edge technology from the start-up nation, archaeological finds, art, literature, music-every day there is something new. Let's spend this year responding to all of this from our perspective as American Jews who are passionately committed to Israel. Fresh from morning prayers which ground us in Jewish thought, theology and history, we'll consider commentary on the news of the day and seek to strengthen our connection to our ancient and modern homeland.

Rashbam on Torah
Led by Rabbi Micah Peltz, Fridays at 7 am
Rabbi Samuel ben Meir, better known as "Rashbam," was a leading French rabbi in Troyes, France in the early 12th century. He was also the grandson of Rabbi Shlomo ben Yitzhak (Rashi). He is known for his straightforward commentary on the Torah, which we will study each Friday morning. This will give us a good preview of the weekly Torah reading, and provide us with thoughtful lessons that we can use to impress our friends and families around our Shabbat tables.

Adult Education

Goodblatt Academy Introduction to Judaism & Conversion Course
Led by our Rabbis, area clergy, and educators
For the first time, the Philadelphia Rabbinical Assembly's Goodblatt Academy will be offered in South Jersey. This course is designed to teach about Judaism and Jewish living for those considering conversion to Judaism as well as Jews who would like to learn more. If you are taking this class for conversion to Judaism, you will need to have one of our rabbis be your sponsor. Cost $550 for an individual; $650 for a student and his/her Jewish partner. Cost includes all study materials. Scholarships are available.
Class meets for 18 sessions on Monday nights at TBS from 7:30-9 pm
in the Rabbi Steven Lindemann LifeLong Learning Center beginning on October 16

Beginning Hebrew Reading
Led by Sarah Salmansohn
Want a Hebrew reading refresher? Never had a chance to learn? This is a wonderful opportunity to work on learning the aleph-bet and improve your Hebrew reading skills. $75 enrollment fee for class and materials. RSVP to Ruth Brodnick.
Mondays, 6:30-7:30 pm Session 1 begins on October 23 and runs through February 12.
Session 2 begins on February 26 and runs through May 14.

Let's Make a Meal
Led by Morah Harriet Baker
Let's Make a Meal is a Solomon Schechter award-winning, hands-on kosher cooking series designed for adults who are interested in enjoying a social night out while learning how to incorporate delicious, homemade kosher cuisine for busy routines. Participants will learn about kashrut and Shabbat/holiday traditions while preparing meals ready to be put in the oven the next night for Shabbat dinner. Recipes and resources are included with each session so that participants can apply their knowledge at home!
Thursdays, 7-9 pm,
December 7, January 25, March 8

The How To's of Prayer
Led by Dr. Alvin Stern
Bimah Protocol: Parent preparation for upcoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah families Open to All
Wednesdays 7 - 9 pm
September 6, November 1, January 3, March 7, May 2

Upcoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah Family Meetings
Wednesdays 7 pm
September 13, November 8, January 10, March 14, May 9

Workshops offered after Evening Minyan at 8 pm
Hagbah Workshop Wednesday, October 25
Tefillin Workshop Monday, November 27
How to be a Gabbai Wednesday, November 29
Workshops are open to all congregants and a great way to learn and explore new rituals.