TBS Committees

Calling All Volunteers!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in Jewish life and learning at Temple Beth Sholom? We're looking forward to hearing from you! Get involved in one or more of our committees and help shape the future for your family and our community.

B'emtza ("in the middle")
B'emtza is a brand new group for adults in our community who fall into this demographic. Through B'Emtza, you will know which TBS programs are a match for you, receive personal invitations to attend special events, build and strengthen B'Emtza relationships within our TBS family plus more! Contact Ann Sundstrom or Susan Trager.

Cookin' Kiddush
Prepares specialty entrees and desserts for our weekly Shabbat kiddush lunches. Contact Jessica Weinberg.

Event Planning/Fundraising Committee
Focuses on exploring and creating special events and coordinating entertaining and innovative projects that develop relationships and raise funds for our synagogue. For more information, please contact Rena Platt-Goldstein.

HAZAK provides programming and activities for TBS members who are 55+. HAZAK aims to complement TBS' Adult Enrichment Programs with additional social, educational, and spiritual activities. Additionally, HAZAK reaches out to other congregations in our region to participate in joint activities and programming. Our mature adults continue to learn and to be a vital part of the TBS and South Jersey communities. For more information, please contact Lyn Stein.

Hesed (Kindness) Committee
The purpose of the Hesed Committee is to comfort TBS congregants by performing acts of loving kindness during lifecycle events and times of need (such as birth, illness or death). Compassionate committee members are readily available to perform mitzvot by assisting fellow congregants in a variety of hands-on ways in times of great joy or sorrow. The Hesed Committee currently has three sub-committees including Shiva, Transportation and Visitation. For more information, please contact Jodi Ziets.

Lifelong Learning Committee
Helps to shape learning initiatives for learners of all ages in our community. Contact Lisa Gershenfeld.

Makhelat Beth Sholom
Adult Choir meets weekly with Cantor Cohen and Director Robert Ross and performs on High Holy Days and as musical ambassadors to the community throughout the year. Contact Cantor Cohen.

Membership Committee
Temple Beth Sholom's Membership Committee supports the synagogue in the recruitment, retention and satisfaction of members. This committee will provide a welcoming atmosphere for all current and prospective members and ensure that new members are assimilated into the congregation. Additionally, the Membership Committee will examine the reasons that the synagogue attracts and maintains members and will advise the Board of Directors and staff on membership policies, as well as oversee programs for the recruitment and retention of members. For more information, please contact Alison Shapiro.

Men's Club
TBS Men's Club offers a wide array of programming which strives to strengthen the objectives of our congregation and conducts activities that promote Jewish interest and the commitment of its members. Men's Club also partners/builds relationships with other TBS social groups and the local Jewish community. There's a busy calendar of social and cultural programming including Jews, Brews & Views, Educational Breakfasts, and Softball (just to name a few!) For more information, please contact Seth Mirowitz.

Project Yahad
The mission of Project Yahad (unity) is to provide an environment which addresses and nurtures individuals with special needs and their families with consideration of their strengths and abilities in all areas of congregational life. For more information, please contact Sara Kreisman.

Ritual Committee
The TBS Ritual Committee is charged with implementation of Halakhic observance (interpretation of Jewish laws), assuring that there are knowledgeable leaders for all synagogue services and shiva minyanim in private homes. Additionally, the Ritual Committee assigns honors for all Shabbat and Holiday Services. To achieve this, the committee works closely with the clergy and B'nai Mitzvah families and meets regularly to constantly review our services and strive to meet the needs of our congregants. For more information, please contact Ally Pollack.

TBS Sisterhood is a vibrant group uniting Jewish women that offers a diversity of meaningful and innovative programs. Membership in Sisterhood cultivates friendships, perpetuates Jewish traditions and initiates social action projects. As part of the Sisterhood community, you will be welcomed with open arms and feel a true sense of belonging and growth. For more information, please contact Staci Boiskin.

Social Action Committee
The Social Action Committee is involved in coordinating TBS' efforts in fulfilling the mitzvah of tikkun olam (repairing the world). Please consider helping others through one of TBS' Social Action projects (Cook for a Friend, Blankets from the Heart, Mitzvah Day, and others). There is something for everyone! For more information, please contact Michele Levine.

Sponsorship Outreach Committee
This committee focuses on obtaining sponsorships that raise funds for our synagogue and cultivating relationships with our sponsors throughout the year. Contact Shirley Feigenbaum or Mark Shapiro.

Sustainability Project Team
Works to engage in healthier and more sustainable behaviors in our community consistent with the Jewish values of B'aal Taschlit, and inspire others to follow our lead. Contact Roy Levinson.

Young Members Group Committee
YMG is an active community of young adults and families that offers meaningful Jewish family, social, religious, and educational experiences both at TBS and in our local community. YMG represents a strong undercurrent of TBS, and it has approximately 250 members. The YMG steering committee is made up of TBS members who are men and women, early childhood-aged and religious school-aged parents, moms and dads with children learning at TBS, the Katz JCC, Kellman Brown Academy, as well as other local synagogues. This diversity helps the committee in planning initiatives that are intended to appeal to a broad range of young Jewish adults and families. As part of the same synagogue family, the YMG committee considers TBS their spiritual "home away from home", and they want to share that connection and level of comfort with you and your children! For more information, please contact Randi Goldblatt.

If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about TBS programming, volunteer opportunities or how to become involved, please email TBS Congregational Life Director Jill Hammel or call (856) 751-6663 x204.