Dr. Marcia Fiedler - April 20

The Camden County Hadassah Tikvah group and TBS Hazak present...

Dr. Marcia Fiedler, Jewish Studies Coordinator of Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

You look but what do you see? How our intuitions deceive us!

Thursday, April 20th
1 pm

Most of us think that the more vivid and detailed our memories are, the more accurate the memories. However, scientific evidence does not support our intuition here. Your perception is determined in part by expectation and part by prejudice which make perceiving the unexpected difficult. Can you imagine: a Jewish woman wearing a Burka, someone who is both an Arab and a Jew or imagine an Orthodox Jew who is a pimp or madam? Learn to recognize how our intuitions and prejudices deceive us from seeing and hearing the truth. Open your eyes and ears to the unexpected truths.

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