TBS Passover Resources

As Passover approaches, here are some resources to help you prepare and celebrate "Zeman Heruteinu -- the time of our freedom." Hag Pesah Kasher v'sameah! Wishing you and your family a happy and joyous Passover!

Passover and Our Identity as American Jews

Teshuvah permitting Kitniyot by Rabbi Amy Levin and Rabbi Avram Reisner

Dissenting Opinion against eating Kitniyot by Rabbi Miriam Berkowitz and Rabbi Micah Peltz

Teshuvah permitting Kitniyot by Rabbi David Golinkin

Rabbinical Assembly "Passover Guide" for Passover cleaning, preparations and foods

TBS Passover Guide and Seder Recharge for service schedule, selling hametz and preparations -- TBS Gift Shop has many items to get you ready -- Purchase Passover flowers -- Order Passover wine and spirits

Click here for the Selling the Hametz form -- due by Tuesday, March 27

TBS is holding a Passover Food Drive through Monday, March 26. Donations of ready-to-serve kosher for Passover food, scrip or gift cards are greatly appreciated. Collection bins are located in the TBS Main Lobby and Education Center Lobby. TBS has an ongoing food collection throughout the year, and items received are donated to the JFCS Betsy and Peter Fischer Food Pantries.

One of the most compelling parts of the Passover Seder is the midrash of the four children -- one wise, one wicked, one simple, and one who does not know how to ask. This has led to many creative artistic renderings over the years. Here are three, with brief explanations and questions, for you to ponder at your Seder.

Bedikat Hametz -- The searching for Hametz before Passover.
Rabbi Peltz explains this ritual in a "How to" video and Bedikat Hametz PDF sheet.
At the bottom of the Bedikat Hametz sheet is a contract for Mekhirat Hametz -- the selling of Hametz. To sell your hametz, please fill out the form and return it to the TBS office.seder plate

Passover Websites
My Jewish Learning
Jewish Theological Seminary
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Create your own Passover Haggadah
A special collection of Haggadot
Mechon Hadar - online Torah

New Songs for Your Seder from Cantor Cohen
Here's the Kiddush for the first night of Pesah when it falls on Erev Shabbat -- Friday night. You'll add Shehecheyanu both nights of Seder!

Hallel: It's What's Before and After Dinner! Here are two versions of psalm 114: old-school if you need a refresher, or new-school if you'd like to change it up at your Seder table!

"Baruch HaMakom" comes before the section on the Four Children. This is a great new version written by Hillel Tigay. I've sung a simple version of it here, but you can also buy his - great to listen to while you're cooking for Pesach!

Un Cabrito is a Ladino - Judeo-Spanish - version of Chad Gadya. Here is a recording of a few verses and the chorus, plus the text. If you have some people comfortable with Spanish at your seder, this will be great fun!

Venomar LeFanav is a classic you might know, but not have thought to do at your seder table. It comes just before Hallel, is short and fun, and, if you have children or grandchildren in the Eric B. Jacobs ECEC, they know it will and will lead it with you! Hallelujah! 

A Passover Story
Here is a Passover story written by Alex Weinberg that you can share with your family at your Seder. You can even include your child/children's names in the story! Enjoy!

The Four Questions
Below are the hand motions and words for the Four Questions as presented by our awesome KE students. Click here for the Four Questions handout.

Hand Motions & Words for the 4 Questions