Purim - March 20 & 24

Purim Carnival

Price: $20/all-you-can-play bands, $10/children 4 years old and under, or $50/family

Date: Sunday, March 24

Time: 10 am - 12:30 pm

Please indicate in the COMMENTS box the number of bands needed.

A 3% service fee will be added to your credit card.

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Purim, Purim but it’s just the beginning of January.

The Mishloah Manot committee has already started working. Mishloah Manot are gift bags that Sisterhood makes and sells for the synagogue. According to the Book of Esther, there must be at least two gifts between friends and gifts unspecified to the poor. You can fulfill this mitzvah easily by remembering friends and family and ordering them a Mishloah Manot package from Sisterhood. Your Mishloah Manot order form will be sent via e-mailed at the end of January. The deadline for Mishloah Manot is March 10, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mishloah Manot

What is the difference between Mishloah Manot and Shalach Manos?
Mishloah Manot is the Hebrew term and Shalach Manos is the Yiddish term for sending portions or Purim gift baskets

How does it all work?
Every congregant, Sisterhood member, and TBS employee is eligible to participate. Simply log into the Happy Purim website, check off the names of the people to whom you wish to send Mishloah Manot (Purim gifts), and pay by credit card for the total amount ($8 x the number of bags or $180 for unlimited bags). Each person you check will receive a note acknowledging your gift to them, and they can come to the synagogue at designated times to pick up their goodies.

What is reciprocity?
Reciprocity is gift giving insurance (only available if you ordered at least one bag). If you forget to check the name (or names) of someone who then sends to you, we will add them to your list and bill you for the $8 per extra name. Your credit card will be charged for these bags. If you chose $180 for unlimited bags, you will not receive any extra charges for reciprocity. No one will ever know you forgot to include them in the first place!

What if I don't pick up my bag?
If you know you won't be around at Purim time to pick up the goodies that your friends send to you (or you just don't want that many tempting treats in your house at one time), please check off the “Make a donation to Mazon” box. You will still receive the list of people who wished to send you Purim treats, and instead of spending money on a bag that isn't wanted, we’ll make a donation to the hungry instead. Even if you're not placing an order yourself, please take the time to tell us if you're not going to pick up your bag. All leftover bags are donated to the JFCS Betsy & Peter Fischer Food Pantries after Purim.

I think your list is missing some names. What do I do?
The list is updated regularly, but may be missing the names of anyone who joined the synagogue very recently. If you know someone who needs to be added to the list, please email Sherrie Cohen or Nicole Dysart so they can add the name(s) to the list. If you have friends, neighbors, and relatives who are not part of the TBS family, you can order them personal packs at $10 apiece and then pick them up and deliver them yourself.

Can I send Mishloah Manot to myself?
The limitations of the computer system we use do not allow congregants to send to themselves or to send more than one bag to the same person. You can order as many personal packs as you wish to accomplish the same thing.

What is in each bag?
Custom requires that we be able to recite two different brachot before enjoying the contents of the mishloah manot, so we have a variety of goodies that change each year. You can expect to find hamentashen, juice, chocolate, snacks, and other edible surprises.

Does everyone get the same bag?
Yes – we are all equal, so everyone’s bag is the same size!

How can I help?
If you have a spare hour or two to help fill up bags, or distribute them at Purim, please email Sherrie Cohen or Nicole Dysart.