Rabbi's Weekly Message

A Message from Rabbi Lindemann ~ Thursday, June 22

The Torah portion for this Shabbat continues recounting our ancestors' journey to the Promised Land, and we will also mark Rosh Hodesh, the new month of Tammuz. As a people, and as a congregation, we are bound together by sharing our life-journeys and meaningful moments in time.

With that in mind, this Shabbat we will be saying farewell to two Kellman-Brown Academy educators who have been members of our TBS family. Rabbi Michah Liben and his family will be moving to northern New Jersey, and KBA Head of School Emily Cook will be moving to Philadelphia. Both have been wonderful assets to our community. In addition to their work at KBA, they have participated in services, taught adult education classes, and added spirit to our holiday celebrations, here at TBS. Deborah Liben has also made her mark at TBS, helping to lead Tot Shabbat and serving on the Young Members Group, as well as the recent Search Committee, and the children -- Dov, Lev, and Meirav -- have been part of the Bim-Bam crew that adds so much energy and joy to our Shabbatot. We are going to miss seeing all of them regularly, and we wish them well in their new locations and endeavors.

In Hebrew, we don't say "goodbye;" rather, it is "L'hitra-ot -- see you soon." Hopefully, they will visit often. To express our appreciation, friendship, and good wishes, we hope you will all join us for services and for Kiddush in honor of the Libens and Emily Cook.