Services Etiquette

When you come to Temple Beth Sholom we hope that your visit with us will be a spiritual and educational experience.

To help you feel "at home" and to help us maintain the atmosphere worthy of a house of God, we would appreciate your cooperation with the following:

• Smoking and photography are not permitted anywhere on the premises or on the grounds around the building during the Sabbath.

• On the Sabbath, please turn off all cell phones and pagers. In the case of an emergency, please see an usher.

• We request that all males wear head coverings, and adult Jewish males, prayer shawls. All men and women should be dressed appropriately for a synagogue service.

• For the comfort and convenience of families with young children, a portion of the Helman Auditorium, just under the balcony on the Rabbi's side of the sanctuary, will be open for seating. If your child's attention span begins to wane, this section will provide easy access to an exit.

• Friday night services begin at 6:15 pm and end around 7:15 pm. Saturday morning services begin at 9:30 am and conclude at approximately 12:15 pm. Services on Sunday Rosh Hodesh or a Monday-Thursday secular holiday begin at 9:30 am.