Six Word Memoirs

On Rosh HaShanah, Rabbi Peltz encouraged the congregation to each write their own six word memoir to help facilitate the process of teshuva we go through on the High Holy Days.  These are the six word memoirs submitted by members of the congregation.  Some are exactly words, others submitted multiple six words memoirs, and some are longer pieces that are built around the six word structure.  Either way, they are all heartfelt reflections on life -- past, present and future.    

I've learned from all my teachers.
-Rabbi Micah Peltz

Following the signs along the way
-Alison Singer Lindemann

Standing for Israel, first and always.
-Avigail and Jeff Schervone

I tried. I've done my best.
-Steve Kornfeld

The glass is always half full.

Born in hope after unimaginable horror.
-Bernie Hershenberg

There is no place like home.

Generation to generation, pass it down.
-Howie Cetel

Attempting daily to understand myself better.
-Phil Springer

British, American, but overall, a Jew.
-Howard Silverstone

A beginning, a middle, an end.
-Arnie Baskies

I have loved and been loved
Laurie Grossman

Working hard but not there yet
Eric Grossman

Noble aspirations, loving family, unfinished stories

Can't we all just get along?
-Geoff Stern

-Myriam Sanie

I am nothing without my family.
-Debbie Silverstone

Husband, father, friend, Jew: dynamic journey
-Mark Gelernt

Pushed down, keep trying my best!

Live modestly,acquire friends, look forward.
-Miriam Grossmann

Learn and love; find life's blessings.
Learning, love, friendship: growth, fulfillment, blessings.
TBS will nurture learning, community, faith.
-Saul Grossmann

Jewish son from a great family.
-Leo Dannenbaum

Jewish, married, mom, always seeking meaning
-Margie Dannenbaum

Work in progress, stop nagging me.
-Mark Dannenbaum
I would not change a thing.
-Gail Fendrick

-Phyllis Goldstein

-Art Goldstein

That's all there is? ISO salvation.

My Family: My Life and Joy
-Beverly Glass

Abused.  Working to make others better.                                                                                   -Anonymous

הכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים
Everything is in the hands of Heaven except for reverence of Heaven.
-Dina Eliezer

I'm here, looking around giving Thanks
-Zelda Greenberg

I live life to the fullest
-Lori Greenberg

Justice, Ethics, Wisdom, Israel, Serving Hashem
Remember. Plant. Help. Do. Love. Live.
-Alvin Stern

I wish I could do something.
From the moment I saw her.
-Lewis Lazarus

Wanted to hide but I didn't!
24 hours can make huge difference.
Family, friends, faith, and ice-cream - lots!
Transformed by sorrow and strength alike.
-Nina Staiman

If I only had more time.
If I could do it again.
-Dennis Glass

Bi-polar, darkness, tunnel, light, rededication, rebirth
-Marvin Schuck

The Golden Rule Says it all
-Gail Shapiro

Education, self, continuity, family, compassion, community.
-Harvey Shapiro

College romance, marriage, children, grandchildren. Alone.

"Pain is temporary, pride is forever."
-Dan Cohen

Blessings counted every day. Baruch Hashem.
-Jo-Ann Waxman

Surviving cancer
Life marred by fear
Surviving cancer
Grateful to be here
Surviving cancer
So much to know
Surviving cancer
Watching my kids grow
Surviving cancer
Second chance at life
Surviving cancer
Becoming a better wife
Surviving cancer
Living on borrowed time
Surviving cancer
Striving to be kind
Surviving cancer
Opportunity to look back
Surviving cancer
Compelled to give back
Surviving cancer
Ready to make change
Surviving cancer
Outlasting expected life range
Surviving cancer
Overcoming a co-morbid depression
Surviving cancer
Creating a lasting impression
Surviving cancer
Believing in my fate
Surviving cancer
Comforted by my faith
-Lori Winter

Life's about family, friends and work.
-Alon Baker

Pay it forward for next generation
-Mark Sobel

The best outcome is a tie.
-Roy Levinson

-Ellen Berju

My story is still being written.
-Amanda Michelson

I'm blessed with a wonderful family.
-Minna Recht

Don't understand why I'm so blessed.
-Michelle Scheinthal

Former students, happy to see me.
-Susan Romm

stop . count . b-r-e-a-t-h . b-r-e-a-t-h . now speak
-Deborah Shrier

Live my way; made people laugh!
-Lyn Stein, in memory of her aunt

"Gurion, Bronte, Anna, Natalia, Jonah, Henry."
David Kastenberg*good story

Our marriage, our children, our grandchildren.
-Renee and Millard Braunstein

Somedays I'm Supermom. Others, just human.
Stop me before I volunteer again
-Mara Rosenthal

I am content with my life.
-Ed Recht

1) My Life. Finding a true purpose.
2) One to be Fit for Life!
3) Always questioning. Seeking to understand more.
4) Wear many hats. Mom is Favorite.
5) Finding time in this hurried world.
6) My Life. Many passions. One purpose.
7) My Life is a balancing Act!
8) What if I could not Dance?
9) Teacher, boss, daughter, mom, lover, FRIEND!
-Heather Weiler

Habitually late but will do better

Action eases the pain of misfortune.
-Norma Segal

Too crazed to write real motto.

Surrounded by love, I have strength.
-Eileen Levinson

Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Food.
-Steve Ravitz

My Family is Everything to Me.
-Alison Coyne

Loving, Learning, Improving. Glass Half Full.
-Adam Coyne

1)Remember me when I wasn't deaf.
2)Forever is not a very long time
3)Glad kids look like their Dad.
4)Buried a piece of my heart.
-Michelle Convissar

Family, friends, community make life meaningful.
-Janet Simons

Unexpected life. Unexpected loss. Changing expectations.
-Stacey Chazin

Choices, pebbles thrown into common waters.
-Sheldon Kerner

Lidge in the ninth- no repeat.
-Frank Haaz

Overcame adversity, now life is good
-Karen Baer

Traveling at the speed of life.
-Jane Lindemann

"Love life...because it loves you."
-Madlyn Kates

Still far exceeding hopes, dreams and expectations
-Amy Sclarsky

"Lost physical ability, found new mentality."
-Lynn Green

Phillies, family, TBS: in what order?
-Art Simons

Baby steps to accomplish all goals.
-Rachel Zivic

Everywhere I go I am me.
Zachary Siegel

Bumpy road. Thank G-d for music.

Pink is easy! Red? That's difficult.

Learning to live, preparing to die.
-Jack Goldstein

I've Lived Lucky Gott Sie Danke
-Michele L. Brill

Is there another word for synonym?
-David Hollander

Daughter, wife, mother. Blessed times three.
-Sara Kreisman

Came from goodness; must carry on.
-Sharon Fendrick

Life is bigger than just you
Act now to ensure future generations
Remove anger to achieve world peace
Remove selfishness to save the planet
A world of peace and understanding
Individuality but understanding for peaceful harmony
Thoughtfulness and caring makes smiling faces (or "warms the heart")
Love security for our children's children
Selflessness Caring improves life for all
-Elliot Braunstein

Good health,family and friends. L'chaim
-Susan Baskies

"I cried, I tried, I learned"
-Sarah Waxman

-Marc Cohen

My strength comes from my family.
-Caryn Spector

Literacy education providing opportunities for all.
Growing from challenges, glass always full.
-Nancy Denenberg

Life lived in stages - never dull.
-Cantor Jen Cohen

Helping others is what I do.
-Julie Levy

The bus that changed my life.
-Jodi Ziets

Be loved, be loving, be yourself.
-Emily Kates

Life is short, eat dessert first!
-Wendy Mass - as quoted by Emily Kates