Unique Facilities

Noah's Ark Play Center noah's ark

The Noah's Ark Play Center is a collaboration of the NJ Garden State Discovery Museum and TBS' Home & School Association. The ark is surrounded by hand-painted murals of animals, depicted in their natural habitats. This spectacular playroom encourages play and development of gross motor skills. Children enjoy climbing on a rope wall, crawling through tunnels or fishing off the side of the galley, all while having fun.

Need a fantastic birthday party idea? Have your child's special birthday party at the Noah's Ark Play Center!  

The Zalman Beigel Exploratorium

A young child exhibits a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. Whether it's watching fish in an aquarium, blowing bubbles, using a flashlight to make shadows or exploratoriumexperimenting with objects to see what sinks or floats, the child is engaged in finding out how the world works. For young children, science is finding out about the everyday world that surrounds them. It is an active and open-ended search for knowledge that motivates learning and promotes readiness skills. We are extremely proud of the Zalman Beigel Exploratorium, which was constructed by the NJ Garden State Discovery Museum. Our students explore in a center-based scientific laboratory. The children rotate through multiple stations including:

* Live Animals
* Botany
* Color and Light
* Mechanics
* Human Body

The Exploratorium grants the children their first academic exposure to the wonders of science and helps prepare them for the lifelong joy that comes with discovering and investigating the world around us. It creates a sense of pride for the entire TBS community and offers our youngest members the enlightenment and excitement that only scientific discovery can provide.