Young Members

Thank you for visiting the Young Members Group website! We invite you to explore the wide range of Jewish family and adult programming on TBS' 2018-19 calendar of events, and we hope that you'll join us!

Here are a few frequently asked questions that may provide some helpful information about our group:

What is Young Members Group?
YMG is an active community of young adults and families that offers meaningful Jewish family, social, religious, and educational experiences both at TBS and in our local community. YMG represents a strong undercurrent of TBS, and it has approximately 250 members.

Who is the target audience of Young Members Group?
YMG programs are geared towards both preschool AND religious school-aged families. Additionally, all programs are open to both members and non-members of TBS. Our steering committee has worked hard to create a high standard of innovative experiences that enable our families to grow together and develop strong relationships in our community! There is something on the calendar for everyone in your family.

Who is part of the Young Members Group Steering Committee?
Our YMG steering committee is made up of almost 30 TBS members who are:

  • men and women
  • early childhood and religious school-aged parents
  • moms and dads with children learning at TBS, the Katz JCC, Kellman Brown Academy, as well as other local synagogues

This diversity helps our committee in planning initiatives that are intended to appeal to a broad range of young Jewish adults and families. As part of the same synagogue family, our committee considers TBS our spiritual "home away from home", and we want to share that connection and level of comfort with you and your children!

Where should questions or feedback be directed?
If you have any ideas to share, or would like to become involved please email me or one of our committee members (see below). We'd love to hear your input! Please be sure to visit our site frequently for updated scheduling information, event registration, as well as recent photos!

Randi Goldblatt

The 2018-19 TBS Young Members Group Committee:

Lori Araten

Leor Hemo

Rachael Schmierer

Josh Axelrod

Joshua Kellerman

Paul Sennett

Alyson Axelrod

Carolyn Kellerman

Hilary Sennett

Ross Barr

Jocelyn Klein

Frank Snyder

Jodi Barr

Greg Klingenstein

Madeline Snyder

Doug Baskies

Rachel Klingenstein

Scott Stein

Miriam Baskies

Andrew Laver

Meredith Stein

Orit Ben-Ari

Jen Laver

Ian Sterling

Jessie Berman

Mark Lichtenberg

Michelle Sterling

Eitan Blanc

Rachel Lichtenberg

Howie Sukinik

Sarah Blanc

Gary Levenbach

Debby Sukinik

Ron Carnemolla

Rachel Levenbach

Carrie Trantas

Cara Carnemolla

Adam Levine

Jess Veksland

Lindsay DeRouanna

Jamie Levine

Steve Veksland

Aaron Dorfman

Ben Lupin

Todd Von Deak

Julie Dorfman

Emily Lupin

Michele Von Deak

Jason Freedman

Ari Mizrachi

Ted Wallach

Nadine Freedman

Ilyse Mizrachi

Lia Wallach

Mark Friedel

Stephen Mohler

Richard Walters

Beth Friedel

Melissa Brown Mohler

Laura Walters

Avi Galler

Melissa Morrow

Rabbi Bryan Wexler

Debra Galler

Manny Porat

Becca Wexler

David Gancz

Gail Porat

Jaclyn Wolf

Abbey Gancz

Jason Seavey

Steve Wolf

Jason Green

Jessica Seavey

Erika Wolf

Jennifer Green

Josh Seigle


Rory Grossman

Heather Seigle


Lauren Grossman

Ross Schmierer