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Staff Appreciation





… (I give thanks) מודה אני

Dear TBS Member,

This past year has been extraordinary.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we found ourselves isolated, scared, and uncertain of the future. However, in the midst of all this uncertainty was our Beit Sholom.  Temple Beth Sholom was and remains a source of light and strength for so many of us — keeping us spiritually close, even while we were/are physically distant. This would not have been possible without the support, dedication, and passion of our clergy, senior staff, faculty & teachers, office staff, and building maintenance/security staff.  They are the inspiration and drive behind everything TBS did to make us feel connected and to continue the mission of lifelong learning. By embracing technology, they delivered words of Torah in weekly messages, Zoom services, and programs. Hundreds of six-foot neighborhood house visits were made. Health and safety measures were taken to ensure that our building was safe and sanitized. A business continuity plan was put in place to ensure the day to day activities of the congregation were maintained. Over the course of the year, there was coordination of over 2,500 hand-delivered beautiful holiday boxes and thousands of check-in phone calls.  The Eric B. Jacobs Early Childhood Education Center, Rabbi Albert and Sarah Lewis Religious School, and HaMakom High School were re-imagined to deliver meaningful instruction, innumerable family services and take-home projects, and extensive measures were put in place to enable our youngest learners to safely return to school. None of this would have been possible without the support, leadership, and passion of our dedicated TBS team who left no stone unturned to keep our קהילה קדושה — kehillah kedoshah, our sacred community, together.

As a thank you for their hard work and dedication, a keepsake memory book will be created to articulate and illustrate the tremendous impact they have had on our lives this past year. With the theme of gratitude (מודה אני —Modeh/Modah Ani, I give thanks) we are asking every TBS individual, couple, and/or family to express just how thankful we are by using one of the following two mediums:

  • A typed message, no more than 118 words, expressing what impact any or all these special people had on you/your family this past year. OR
  • A photo or drawing (single image with a minimal resolution of 300 dpi) that showcases a special TBS memory or moment from this year for which you are most grateful.

Click here to send in your submission. A complete staff list can be found HEREThe deadline is Friday,  April 30.

The memory book will be presented at the TBS Annual Meeting in June. We know that this very special project will mean so much to our clergy, senior staff, faculty & teachers, office staff, and building maintenance/security staff and will be a wonderful way to commemorate some of the beauty we found over the past year in spite of it being such a difficult time for us all.

If you have any questions about this project, please email Sara Kreisman or call (856) 383-5050 and/or email Jill Hammel or call (609) 332-1609.

Thank you for your participation!

Steve Borenstein
TBS President

Tina Berman, Shirley Feigenbaum, Michael Greenspun, Jill Hammel, Sara Kreisman
TBS Staff Appreciation Committee

Fri, May 14 2021 3 Sivan 5781