Member of the Month Spotlight

2017 Member of the Month Spotlights


Sandee & Bob Chalik

We came to TBS in 1996 from central Jersey when Bob's job was transferred to Philadelphia. We knew we wanted a synagogue where our family could feel welcomed and comfortable and we found it! We chose TBS because the services were warm, inviting and a great place for us to learn. The teaching "drasha" on Shabbat mornings clinched the choice because the rabbis always teach something that we probably haven't thought about before and we learn from them and from our fellow congregants. On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, although we each have different religious beliefs, we each feel included in the Rabbis' messages.

We are involved in TBS in a few different ways. Sandee is a regular at Shabbat morning services and sings in the choir. Together we are part of the Hazon CSA and Sandee takes an active role in the Sustainability Project Team. This project is part of the synagogue's application for the Hazon "Seal of Sustainability." Hazon is a Jewish environmental organization whose mission is "to create healthier and more sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond." Hazon's Seal of Sustainability is a way for us to do our share to take care of our planet while actively engaging in the mitzvah of "ba'al tashchit", the commandment not to destroy or waste items from the natural world. This project has led the sustainability team to completely organize all the TBS kitchens and to put a system in place to use food and equipment in a more sustainable and efficient way. The system will help us monitor our use of ingredients and equipment by the schools and committees that work with food, maintaining clean working spaces and equipment, eliminating waste and the duplication of ingredients.

We would encourage others who may have an interest or a desire to make a difference to look to TBS to find a way to contribute their time in their own way, as we did. There are many different opportunities available. The sustainability project was one way that worked for us.

Favorite moment at TBS: Participating in the siyuum for the Holocaust Torah with our family

One word: Thoughtful

Favorite TBS food??? Cookin' Kiddush food!


Melissa Brown & Stephen Mohler

What first brought you to Temple Beth Sholom?
Melissa grew up in a very small Jewish community in Wildwood where she was a third-generation member of the synagogue and everyone was mispacha. Steve married into her loving crazy Jewish family. As we moved to the Cherry Hill area for work, we were looking for a community that was welcoming to us as a young family. We have twins who were a year old at the time. Our first introduction to TBS was through Jill. There is something about Jill that makes you feel warm and so welcome. As she gave us the tour and when we were talking in the sanctuary, she handed the kids bags with toys to entertain them. The fact that these bags had a place in the sanctuary and that children were encouraged to attend services was so welcoming to us. We left that day thinking we had found something special. Our second visit to TBS was for a Friday night service. It was Rabbi Peltz who made an impact then. Our son had cruised over to him and was standing next to his chair flipping through a siddur. When Brendan started to climb, Rabbi Peltz helped him up and they sat flipping through the siddur together. That's when we knew Rabbi Peltz was remarkable. Shortly after, Melissa attended services to say Kaddish for her mother. Cantor Jen made a point of coming over to comfort and embrace Melissa not knowing who she was or if she was a congregant. That's when we learned what a compassionate and caring community TBS is. On our first Shabbat morning, Alvin invited our whole family to the bimah for an aliyah, not just Steve or Melissa but all four of us together as a family. We felt as though TBS was welcoming our whole family into the community. It's really not what brought us to TBS that's important. What's important is why we chose TBS as our spiritual home. Simply put, TBS welcomed us with open arms.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS? How would you encourage others to become involved?
TBS has provided so many welcome opportunities for us to become involved individually and as a family. We regularly attended Tot Shabbat where we began to develop havarot in the community. Our Tot Shabbat days were so special and we still enjoy signing many of those songs around our Shabbat table. Over the past year, we began attending Early Childhood services and Hebrew school where the kids are learning so much.

Melissa is a member of the Young Members Group and the Youth and Family Education Committee. It has been fulfilling to become an active part of the TBS family. We would encourage you to become involved. You will not regret it!

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
It is difficult to select one moment as our favorite. We feel as though every service with Alex is our favorite but one does stand out. One Shabbat morning during an Early Childhood service, Gabriella and Brendan were holding Torot and standing next to Alex on the bimah as they led us through baruchu. It was in that moment that we felt such joy that we are passing our traditions to our children, that they were excited to learn and that they have such a tremendous mentor in Alex. Whether singing under a parachute, tossing children in the air or creating mezuzzot, Alex truly creates many moments that we will cherish for a lifetime.

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?
Family. While we are still new members who are developing meaningful and lasting relationships, we are looking forward to creating special memories with our new extended family.

What is your favorite TBS food?
This one is easy! We all enjoy the Jewish star soft pretzels.


Lisa & Marc Cohen

What first brought you to TBS?
The history of Lisa and Marc Cohen at Temple Beth Sholom goes way back. Well more Lisa than Marc. Both sets of Lisa's grandparents (Herbert & Elizabeth Frost and Orie & Gertrude Pollock) were founding members of Temple Beth Sholom in Haddon Heights. Lisa's parents Woody and Brenda met in TBS Hebrew school and were later married by Rabbi Lewis. Fast forward 34 years Lisa and Marc, are married under the same huppa her parents were. And now to add to the mix Brendan is a 4th generation member of the TBS family.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS? How would you encourage others to become involved?
Being involved in life at TBS was important for both of us. Marc got involved in Men's Club where he was President in 2005 to 2007 and is still very active today. Marc was also part of the Membership Committee, Young Members Group, TBS Board of Directors, TBS Executive Board and has been teaching in the High School for the past 12 years. Lisa is involved with Sisterhood, Membership Committee, Young Members Group, Cookin' Kiddush, Let's Make a Meal with Morah Harriet and the TBS Special Events Committee. Even Brendan has gotten involved as a volunteer in the TBS Religious School on Sunday mornings assisting Alex and the office staff.

Getting involved at Temple Beth Sholom was important for us to meet new people and feel a part of a family. Find a committee or a program that interests you and take a "Leap of Faith" to start building your foundation and future friendships. Build relationships with our incredible clergy, staff and members. Because of our affiliation and involvement we have met some of our very good friends who are now like family. There are so many amazing programs at TBS, something for everyone! We truly enjoyed being a part of the Young Members Group where we able to make those connections with people in our same stage of life and allowed Brendan to start building his own connection.

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
There are so many favorite moments at TBS, it's so hard to pick one in particular. Of course, our wedding in 1999 and Brendan's Bar Mitzvah in 2015. One of our joys as parents are reliving holiday programs such as Simchat Torah, Purim and we were so proud when Brendan read Torah for the very first time at the age of 10 in the Beit Midrash. The Torah Orah Project is still something we will remember for a very long time.

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?
The one word we would use to describe TBS is Legacy.

What is your favorite TBS food?
LIsa - Going back to TBS Haddon Heights - the Friday night one, the kids would go from table to table eating the red licorice bites leaving the black behind.
Marc - The Men's Club hot dogs & sauerkraut in beer (A Joe Swerdlow Special!)
Brendan - The Shabbat petit fors


Stefanie & Nuri Boardman

What first brought you to Temple Beth Sholom?
Nuri's family were members when TBS was in Haddon Heights. His parents were married there by Rabbi Lewis. Nuri later had his Bar Mitzvah at TBS in Cherry Hill. Stefanie is not from South Jersey, but we knew we wanted to be a part of a Conservative congregation. After our second daughter Julia was born, we knew it was time to join a synagogue. We did not have to look far and long because the second we walked into TBS we felt at home. Our first TBS experience was a family service in the Beit Midrash, where Jill Hammel welcomed Rachel and Julia with wiki sticks and stickers. Our girls could not stop talking about how much fun they had, and how they could not wait to go back. When we left TBS that day, we knew that we had found our Jewish home.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS? How would you encourage others to become involved?
We have been a part of the Young Member's Group at TBS since we became members about four years ago. YMG has given us the opportunity to meet many new faces in a friendly atmosphere, while making some great friends along the way.

Stefanie - I am currently the chair of the Young Member's Group, an opportunity which I am grateful to have. What I am enjoying most about leading YMG, are the opportunities to connect with many different people who care so much about TBS.

Nuri - I have enjoyed helping to cook for several years before Men's Club Shabbat, and have also enjoyed supporting Stefanie in her role as chair of YMG.

We would encourage others to say hi to a new face in the TBS hallway, or join a new group, it is easy to make connections at TBS!

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
Stefanie - When I was part of the President's Leadership Institute, I had the opportunity to visit JTS for a day trip. On the way up to New York, I sat next to Michele Golkow, and on the way back, I sat with Yale Asbell. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know these two individuals, who play such a vital role in our congregation.

Nuri - I have a fond Bar Mitzvah memory, when my sister threw a Sunkist fruit gem, as hard as she could, squarely at my back from behind.

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?

Nuri- Diverse

What is your favorite TBS food?
Stefanie- The bean and rice casserole at Kiddush
Nuri- Dave Weiss's hummus


Mara & Brett Rosenthal

Temple Beth Sholom was the first and only stop on our tour of South Jersey synagogues nearly 15 years ago. Shortly after moving to this area, Brett and I found ourselves searching for a conservative shul nearby that also offered a preschool for our then 2 year old Alyssa. Having no family or friends in the area for recommendations, I decided to check out TBS one day, just to take a look. And with Alyssa on my hip, I stopped in and met Harriet Baker who gave us the VIP tour, and the rest is history. There was no need to continue our search, we had found the one!

Being involved in TBS life has been both fun and rewarding for all of us. From volunteering and working in the Eric B. Jacobs ECEC, and helping with various committees including, Young Members Group, Youth and Family Education, Membership and, more recently, Men's Club and Sisterhood Board, we have met so many wonderful people that have become our closest friends. Alyssa and Zachary attended Religious School at TBS and Alyssa traveled with the Confirmation class last year to visit Israel.

There are so many amazing programs at TBS, something for everyone! We encourage members to attend Shabbat services, it is a great way to meet the congregation and get to know the wonderful people who work at TBS. Don't be afraid to reach out to Jill Hammel, Harriet Baker, or our clergy. I know Sisterhood is always looking for volunteers to help with our many outstanding events!

Too many favorite moments at TBS, it's so hard to pick one in particular. Of course, Alyssa's Bat Mitzvah in 2013 and more recently Zachary's Bar Mitzvah this past November. Helping to restore the Holocaust Torah as part of the Torah Orah program is something we will remember always and it is such an important legacy to be a part of.

The one word Brett and I would use to describe TBS is family (Mishpakha.)

And talk about food, we always seem to be eating here! Who can pass on the delicious Rosendorff's challah or Morah Harriet's mandel brot that she bakes for us at Let's Make a Meal. Shout out to Barclay Caterers for their awesome chicken fingers and brownies!!


Sharon & Ben Green

What First Brought You to Temple Beth Sholom?
The year before our oldest child was ready to attend Mechinah Aleph, we began looking for a conservative synagogue in South Jersey. That spring we attended my cousin's son's Aleph Consecration at TBS and were so impressed with the level of learning and the service led by these third graders. (Thank you Claire Spechler!) We knew this was where we wanted our children to be educated. The additional bonus - we found a warm, hamish congregation with exceptional clergy and meaningful opportunities to enrich our lives.

How Have You Become Involved in Synagogue Life?
When we first joined TBS, Jerry Ackerman invited me (Sharon) to serve on the Ritual Committee. I met with Bar Mitzvah families and helped Jerry assign Bar Mitzvah dates. I also joined Sisterhood and volunteered in the TBS kitchen in Haddon Heights for many Sisterhood events. Through the years I became increasingly involved, chairing both Sisterhood and synagogue events. I went on to serve as Sisterhood president and Youth Commission Chairperson. I was also a member of the Synagogue Board of Directors and served as a synagogue vice-president. Currently I am teaching Religious School (Gimel class), and it is a privilege to spend time with this next generation of TBS members. L'Dor V'Dor!

A special part of our synagogue involvement has been the friendships we have made at TBS. When we first joined we formed a chavurah with other synagogue families. These families have been a special part of our lives and our TBS experience, sharing holiday and life cycle events together. Through the years our friendships at TBS have increased and we feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful friends.

Ben and I both enjoy coming to Shabbat services, special Shabbat dinners and attending stimulating programs that TBS has to offer. I love coming on Wednesday to Cantor Cohen's Torah class. We have both enjoyed traveling with Rabbi Lindemann to Israel (2007, 2017) and to Eastern Europe with Rabbi Lindemann and Cantor Cohen. This last trip to Israel was exceptional, and we recommend going to anyone who has the opportunity.

Favorite TBS Moment
There are so many. The ones that stand out for us involve our children - the B'nai Mitzvah of our three children, their confirmations, aufrufs and weddings. A very special moment was our granddaughter Dani's baby naming.

One Word Description of TBS
Community - A warm and hamish environment where we come together with friends to pray and learn and share life cycle events.

Favorite TBS Food
Sharon - Ice cream at the Kiddush following services
Ben - Rosendorff challah (He misses the apple strudel we used to have at Kiddush.)


Alison & Mark Shapiro

What brought you to TBS?
TBS has been a part of our world for years. My mother, Ruth, began working at the synagogue since the Cherry Hill location opened its doors. Rabbi Lewis married Mark and I here in 1995 and our parents (Ruth & Paul Brodnick and Gail & Harvey Shapiro) are members, so when selecting a preschool for our two sons, Jordan (18) and Justin (14), the choice was clear. We enrolled each of our boys in the 2-day 2's and never looked back.

Our involvement in synagogue life increased following our trip to Israel with Rabbi Peltz, Rachel and 12 fellow congregants in the summer of 2012.

Since that summer, Alison was invited to participate in the President's Leadership Institute, participated with the TBS Delegation at AIPAC, and joined the TBS Board. Currently, she serves as one of two TBS Board representatives to OnBoard, a leadership development program sponsored by the Legacy Heritage Foundation. Through OnBoard, she just returned from a 12-day trip to Israel.

Mark is the chair of Corporate Sponsorship and has served on a number of committees, including Nominating and Funds Development. His law firm, Hyland Levin LLP, hosts a Lunch and Learn program with Rabbi Peltz and is a TBS Sponsor.

Together, we have served on and chaired several other committees, including "Peace, Love & Broadway", an event we co-chaired with Michele and Scott Warren.

Becoming Involved
As for becoming involved, Show Up. There is a never-ending list of volunteer, educational and growth opportunities if you just walk through the doors of Temple Beth Sholom. We have found that we gain far more than we give by being a part of this extraordinary community of spiritual leaders, community activists and friends.

Favorite TBS Moment
While there have been many special moments spent at TBS, we have found none more sacred than our family's three generations working together as part of the Torah Restoration Project in preparation for our son Justin becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

One Word to Describe TBS

Favorite Food
Soups and Sweets' Blondie Brownie


Sara & David Sideman

When we decided to purchase a home in Cherry Hill, we knew that we wanted a committed, observant synagogue. Being Shomer Shabbat, we also wanted to be able to walk to synagogue. Having both grown up in the community but at different shuls, we were excited to find a new spiritual home that we could grow into together as a family.

We had been living in Englewood before moving back to Cherry Hill, and our very small synagogue was the hardest thing for us to say goodbye to. We had been very involved there, and we knew that that was what we needed to do in Cherry Hill to feel fulfilled. We are regular Shabbat service go-ers, and Sara joined the Young Member Group committee and started teaching an elective on Tuesday nights for 9th and 10th graders. David has been called upon to read Torah or megillah a number of times and has recently joined the Personnel Committee, as well. We look forward to our involvement growing as our needs grow and change. By far, being regular Shabbat service attendees has made the largest impact on our involvement. We feel welcomed by people of all ages, and we love seeing friendly faces around the community who recognize us, and our son, Benny.

Two favorite moments really stand out during our time at TBS so far. Serving on the Shul of Rock committee and seeing our community come together to celebrate our incredible Cantor Jen Cohen was both so much fun, and very impactful. On a more personal level, watching Benny go onto the bimah for Bim Bam by himself for the first time was truly a special moment.

One word to describe TBS? Home. TBS truly feels like an extension of our home. Our son is so comfortable there, and we love how much he looks forward to going to shul each week.

As for our favorite TBS food...David loves the herring at Kiddush (gross), and I love any food eaten in the TBS sukkah!


Jocelyn & Oren Klein

What first brought you to Temple Beth Sholom?
Truly phenomenal Young Members Group programming first brought us here. Sunday Funday showcased how much thought went into programming. From tactile stations to exercising gross motor skills in Noah's Ark, our daughter was completely entertained. This was our first taste of TBS as our second home.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS? How would you encourage others to become involved?
As YMG was our gateway to the TBS family, we're actively involved in YMG. The support that we have received from YMG and Men's Club has been extraordinary and we are committed to giving back to our TBS family in whatever ways we can. I (Jocelyn) serve on the YMG committee and recently co-chaired the Hanukkah, Havdallah & New Year's Eve event at Pump It Up. We enjoy welcoming new families and strengthening bonds with those who welcomed us. I (Oren) serve on the Men's Club committee and was honored to receive the 2016 Men's Club Member of the Year award. We recently celebrated our 40th birthdays with an aliyah. As milestone birthdays are often family celebrations, it was most fitting to celebrate at TBS.

We encourage others to get involved. Introduce yourself to someone you haven't met yet and ask them about their earliest memories at TBS. You'll have an interesting conversation and it may spark ideas of your own. Join an event committee and be a part of the inner workings of the TBS mishpaha. It's a beautiful experience that will make you feel good. The new year is a great time to resolve to try something new here.

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
Our favorite moment is each time we walk through the doors to TBS. Remember when you were in college and came home for break? Remember that feeling when you arrived home and could exhale, knowing that you would be cared for and comfortable, surrounded by the warmth of family? That's how we feel every time we come home to TBS.

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?
Mishpaha - family

What is your favorite TBS food?
The kugel! When you enter the Social Hall for kiddush after services, it's evident how much work members of the Cookin' Kiddush Committee put into preparing the food. It symbolizes how each member of the family works together to nourish both the physical and spiritual.

2016 Member of the Month Spotlights


Valerie & Michael Yasner

What first brought you to TBS:
When "shul shopping" on a Shabbat we met Rabbi Fred Benjamin at TBS in Haddon Heights, and parked our 6 month old with his 5 month old. It felt so comfortable, and it was the beginning of a great friendship.

We've STAYED at TBS because our community is here. We find we are always intellectually challenged and engaged, yet in a comfortable, supportive community. We love that new ideas are encouraged and supported -- an example of which is the Hazon Farm Vegetable Program (CSA) that began here almost nine years ago.

Involvement in synagogue life:
We have both been involved as participants and leaders of a wide range of synagogue activities. Currently, we are enjoying Tuesday Night Talmud, B'Emtza, Men's Club, the TBS/Hazon Sustainability Project, and are Shabbat regulars.

Encourage others to become involved:
There are so many interests in the diverse TBS community that it's easy to find at least one and give it a try -- attend a meeting and see what it is about.

Favorite TBS moments:
Life cycle events: baby naming, b'nai mitzvot, and wedding -- we've been able to celebrate them all at TBS. Having both the ritual events and the celebration of the simchas at TBS has really enhanced the celebrations. Wouldn't have it anywhere else!

One word description:
OUR COMMUNITY...Okay that's two but who's counting?!

Our commitment to our broader Jewish community is reflected in the volunteer work we do for Hazon. Hazon means "Vision", and is a not for profit group working to develop sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond. Hazon and TBS share many core values, and we are so pleased to be able to work with both groups to benefit our local and global community. Check out Hazon to learn more about Hazon's local, national and Israel based food conferences and bike rides, the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, educational programs, and more.

Favorite TBS food:
That's easy. Farm Fresh local vegetables that we get weekly from our Hazon CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) of Southern New Jersey, which is hosted at TBS. Want to learn more? Please click here and here.


Erika & Steve Wolf

What first brought you to Temple Beth Sholom?
When we started our own family, we began looking for a synagogue closer to our home so that we could raise our family and make new memories. Our first interactions with TBS were through Miss Marcia's music class with our youngest, the weddings of our friends in the beautiful sanctuary, and the many kids' activities and services that our friends invited us to. Each visit left us feeling welcomed, accepted and excited to become more involved. In 2013 we enrolled our son in the ECEC and loved the family-friendly services which motivated us to join the following year.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS? How would you encourage others to become involved?
Our involvement in the synagogue has been one of the most rewarding parts, and we would recommend everyone take part in all the synagogue has to offer! Erika started volunteering in the ECEC as a ‘pizza mom' and that time spent with the young kids and their families helped her to meet so many other moms at TBS. From there she taught science to the 3's and volunteered as a yearbook chair and room mom for our daughter. A member on the EBJ ECEC committee for the past two years transitioned into the chair position for the 2016-18 school years. Steve and Erika love attending the Shabbat dinners, family religious services and enjoy watching their son run happily into Hebrew school!

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
It's hard to pick one moment that is our favorite but I think it would be when Erika was asked to do an aliyah at Sisterhood Shabbat. For Erika, who converted to Judaism, seeing how welcomed she was from the Sisterhood committee and entire congregation helped to solidify TBS as a true home. It was amazing to have the members of the Sisterhood spend extra time to walk her through the entire service, to receive an email from Cantor Cohen of recorded prayers for her to practice, and culminating with all the Sisterhood ladies silently clapping in the seats for her when she finished as they knew just how nervous she was. For Steve the fact that his wife who had chosen Judaism has found a place that was so comforting to her and gave her the courage to go up on the bima made this the most meaningful moment to him as well.

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?

What is your favorite TBS food?
Soups & Sweets chocolate chip bread


Sherrie & Jeff Cohen

What first brought you to Temple Beth Sholom?
In 1996, Max was 3 years old and we belonged to a very small synagogue in the area. We realized that we wanted to belong to a synagogue that had more children in it, so Max would have friends and enjoy going to synagogue with us every week.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS? How would you encourage others to become involved?

Sherrie was pregnant with Rachel and called up the TBS Sisterhood President and volunteered to order all the food for Shalach Manot - she thought Sherrie was crazy but Purim has always been Sherrie's favorite Jewish Holiday. We attend services regularly. Sherrie chaired Shalach Manot for the next three years and then was Sisterhood Vice President of Fundraising for four years -2000-2004. Sherrie has chaired many committees including High Holiday babysitting, Young Members hayrides and Adult Education brunches. She was an active member of the Young Members Group, Outreach Committee 1998-2000, and Preschool Board 1999-2002. She was the Preschool Home & School Chair from 1999 - 2001. She ran the Hebrew School Passover Candy Sale from 2000-2003 as well as family photo days for the Hebrew School. Sherrie was the TBS Girl Scout cookie mom. Sherrie started the TBS Book Club in 2001 and still is organizing the book group. Sherrie ran Franny's shop from 2007/8-2011 and is back taking care of the finances for the gift shop since 2015. Sherrie also chairs the College Connection program from 2015-present.

Jeff was a TBS Cub Scout leader from 2000-2005. He also re-established TBS Boy Scouts in 2005 and was an active leader till 2006. He is also a member of the Ritual Committee. If you want to get involved at TBS - just volunteer to do something. You will meet great friends.

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
It would be very hard to pick a favorite TBS moment - both Max and Rachel read Torah in Mrs. Spechler's service before they were 10 and continued to read Torah in the children's services, holiday services and for High Holidays. We are fortunate enough that both Max and Rachel had their B'nai Mitzvot at TBS and proudly led their service.

Another very meaningful moment at TBS was when after Sherrie's mother died; her father Harold Waitsman started attending morning minyan. The morning minyan members all reached out to Harold and made him feel very welcomed and helped him establish new friends and a new life.

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?
Warm - TBS is a very caring place. It is wonderful to see and talk to your friends at Shabbat services.

What is your favorite TBS food?
Jeff's favorite food is the name cakes for special occasions at Kiddush.


Ally & Adam Pollack

What first brought you to Temple Beth Sholom?
Adam started teaching Hebrew HighSchool at TBS just a few months after we moved to Cherry Hill in 1999. After the birth of our daughter, Hannah in 2004, we officially became members. It was an easy decision since we already felt at home at TBS! It has been a wonderful experience being a part of the TBS community and watching our kids grow up here -- It is like a second home for them.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS?
I (Ally) became active in Sisterhood a few years ago after signing up to participate in Sisterhood Shabbat. The following year, I became a co-chair of the event and have been for the past few years (Save the Date - Dec 17, 2016!). I also participate on the Youth and Family Education Committee, the Cookin' Kiddush cooking events and enjoy attending Cantor Jen's Soul Sisters class. Since 2014, I have been the Ritual Committee Chair working with a great committee to ensure our ritual services are meaningful to our congregants and guests. Adam has been an active member of the Men's Club since we joined. He continues to serve on its board as a past president, chairs the Ushering Committee for the High Holy Days, plays softball, and spends plenty of time in the kitchen cooking for many events. He is also on the House & Grounds Committee. In addition to trying to attend as many Sisterhood and Men's Club events as we can, we also try to attend many of the Young Members Group events with our kids, and we have hosted Guess Who's Coming to Shabbas. As a family, we just returned from the TBS Family Trip to Israel with Rabbi Peltz. We had a fantastic time exploring Israel and seeing it through our kids eyes, traveling with and getting to know members of our TBS community -- some better than we already did, and some for the first time and to top it off, celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Hannah along with four other TBS kids!

How would you encourage others to become involved?
Just take a chance -- find something that interests you and attend -- whether an event, a class, or a group -- it will be worth it. If you have interest in anything that we mentioned above -- feel free to reach out to us for more information!

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
There are so many, we can't pick one! Some that top the list include anything involving our kids including Shabbat services, Gimmel Consecration and Hay Class Megillah Reading, Shul of Rock, Sisterhood Shabbat, Men's Club's Steak & Scotch in the Sukkah, Purim, Sukkot, High Holy Day services and now topping the list -- the TBS Family Trip to Israel... the list could go on and on!

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?

What is your favorite TBS food?
Always look forward to the candy at the end of Shabbat services during Bim Bam. We also enjoy the kiddush after Shabbat Services -- not just the food, but the time to relax and catch up with friends.


Marcia & Cliff Brown

What first brought you to TBS?
We'd been attending Cliff's parents' synagogue, Ner Zedek, in Northeast Philly. When it was time for our son Dan to start Mechina Aleph in 1986, we joined where many of our friends belonged -- TBS! Friends brought us to TBS, but it is the exceptional and caring clergy, wonderful Religious School, and the combination of social action, learning, and social events that have enriched our lives. TBS has played a major role in the important life milestones of our family -- from our children's Bar and Bat Mitzvah to our grandchildren's baby naming and bris. We were delighted when our daughter Amanda with her husband, Dan Linick, came back to Cherry Hill and to TBS in 2011.

How have you been involved in synagogue life?
I (Marcia) served on the Eric B. Jacobs Early Childhood Education Center Board for four years (two as chairperson). I enjoy attending Cantor Cohen's Soul Sisters Torah study group. Cliff and I participate in the Social Action Committee's "Cook for a Friend" program, where Cliff specializes in preparing the mini meatloafs. We brought "Broadway Sings" to TBS and co-chaired the event for two years. To become more politically aware and pro-Israel active, we attended AIPAC as part of the TBS contingent for three years. Though not within the walls of TBS, we had some of our most spiritual and unforgettable experiences, as well as great fun and camaraderie, on our two trips to Israel with Rabbi Lindemann (1997 and 2007) and on the Cantors Assembly trip to Spain with Cantor Cohen just weeks ago. While touring the Moorish palaces, beautiful cities, and world-class museums was exciting, it was the Sephardic concerts and walking tours through the warren of alleyways in the old Jewish quarters from before the Expulsion of 1492 that were so moving. Here we were, over 500 years later, Jews singing Hebrew prayers in Toledo's Sinagoga de Santa Maria la Blanca (built in 1200; a church after Expulsion). The bonding and unique experiences on the trips led by Rabbi Lindemann, Rabbi Peltz, and Cantor Cohen are so special, and we wish everyone could have the opportunity to join them.

Favorite moment at TBS
Besides family mitzvahs at TBS, our favorite moments were the Broadway Sings concerts -- joyous, electrifying, and enchanted evenings.

One word to describe TBS

Favorite TBS food
Cliff: Make-your-own-ice cream sundaes
Marcia: Kiddush kugels


Adrienne & Adam Rosenthal

What first brought us to TBS?
I (Adrienne) grew up as a member of TBS. I had so many fond memories, that it was a natural decision to join when we moved back. It was like coming back home to a wonderful and welcoming community. Adam also went to Camp Ramah with Rabbi Peltz, so we were both excited about the ruah that he brings to TBS.

How have you been involved in synagogue life?
Both our children attend the Eric B. Jacobs Early Childhood Education Center, and we frequently attend Tot Shabbat and early childhood family services led by Alex. This past June we welcomed our third son Wallace into the TBS community at his bris which was conducted by Rabbi Peltz and Dr. Chuck Scott. Adam is also involved in the Young Members Group Committee.

Favorite moment at TBS.
One of my favorite moments at TBS has always been breaking fast with everyone after Yom Kippur. The feeling of community is especially palpable after the end of such a meaningful holiday that brings so much of the congregation together. I've never been a fan of honey cake, but it just tastes so good after fasting a whole day.

One word to describe TBS?
Mishpacha (family). It's remarkable, particularly in the young community, how everyone looks out for each other like mishpacha.

Favorite TBS food.
The Hershey kisses and fruit gems that Alvin gives out at the end of Shabbat services. I also love the challah that Isaac makes with his class every Friday and brings home to us.


Anita & Ron Brittner

Anita's parents, Sadie and Hyman Yoman, moved from Philadelphia to Magnolia, New Jersey in the fifties when they purchased a variety store on the White Horse Pike. It was then that George Shilling, who sold various sundries to them, told my father he had to join TBS so I could go to Sunday and Hebrew school there. It was one of the very best things that ever happened to me. From that time on, from childhood to present, TBS has represented a warm and safe place to me.

Ron and I became members when we were married in 1968 at TBS in Haddon Heights, by Rabbi Lewis and Cantor Blass. Our children, Stephanie and Andrea were named at TBS, attended Hebrew school, were bat mitzvahed, confirmed, and married by Rabbi Lewis, Rabbi Wernick and Rabbi Lindemann and the cantors from TBS. Rabbi Peltz named our grandchildren, Sadie, Marissa, and Blake.

It is with great pride and joy that Stephanie and Aaron (Krause) became members of TBS and our grandchildren, Sophie and Bryce, attend Religious School here. Andrea and George (Belkin) have become members as well, and our granddaughter Sadie attends Religious School on Sundays, and her younger siblings Marissa and Blake will soon follow. My parents could never have imagined that four generations of our family still attend the synagogue they joined so long ago.

Throughout the years Ron and I have been involved in different ventures that have brought us great pleasure and satisfaction. At present, my greatest pleasure is volunteering in the Early Childhood Education Center and baking challah for all of the students on Friday mornings.

Remember, you only get out of your membership what you put into it!


Ilene & Drew Burach 

What first brought you to Temple Beth Sholom?
Ilene grew up in Cherry Hill and has been part of TBS for nearly the past 30 years. When Drew and Ilene were ready to start a family, TBS was the obvious - and perfect place for them. Rabbi Lindemann was there for Ilene's Bat Mitzvah and to marry Ilene and Drew. And it has been a wonderful experience to belong to TBS as it is led by Rabbi Peltz and Cantor Cohen.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS? How would you encourage others to become involved?
Ilene and Drew have really enjoyed and found it meaningful to be a part of TBS. Ilene has been on the board of the Young Members Group for three years, having helped plan several events. She is also a member of Sisterhood and reads Torah each year at Sisterhood Shabbat. Ilene has had a great experience as room mom for their daughter, Sophie's EBJ ECEC class and next year, Ilene will chair the HSA Marketplace. Drew has been on the board of Young Members Group as well. He has also for many years been on the Men's Club board, and is now on its executive board. Drew worked as a volunteer for Torah Orah and was a member of the Shul of Rock planning committee. Drew is also a member of the TBS Nominating Committee. And, he just completed a fantastic year as part of the President's Leadership Institute for TBS. Together, Ilene and Drew have hosted Guess Who's Coming to Shabbas and have enjoyed having friends join them in their Sukkah each year.

Ilene and Drew have found that they have become involved in TBS because of the people who make up the TBS community and for the positive and meaningful values that TBS stands for. And to those who want to become more involved, they would highlight that TBS offers so much for the whole family to grow together. Come to an event that interests you and you will be sure to find a great group of people. And know that there is always an opportunity to meet new people, volunteer and learn.

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
Ilene and Drew have had so many wonderful moments at TBS, it is hard to pick a favorite. But, if they had to, they would choose their aliyah for Sophie's baby naming and Henry's bris. Sophie's first day of school was also a wonderful experience.

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?

What is your favorite TBS food?
Drew enjoys the scotch at Steak and Scotch each year. The food trucks (among so many other things!) for Shul of Rock were great, too!


Pam & Mark Adler

What first brought you to TBS?
Our friends Robert & Tina Berman invited us to a Young Members Group event they were co-chairing: An 80's dance party. We attended and saw Cantor Jen perform "Walk Like an Egyptian" and thought she was pretty talented and hip (for a Cantor). Later we met Rabbi Peltz at a Kellman Brown Academy dinner (where our 7-year old daughter attends), got to know him, and learned he was to be the new senior Rabbi, We felt this was the team we wanted to join. We became members just before his installation, feeling like we were beginning anew together.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS? How would you encourage others to become involved?
We have attended special programs such as Young Members Group activities, holiday family activities and we are really looking forward to upcoming events such as the Shul of Rock and especially the family Israel trip this coming August with Rabbi Peltz. We try to attend services with friends and encourage potential members so we can all feel connected.

Describe your favorite moment at TBS:
Together with our daughter, Aliza, our favorite moment so far has been writing in the restored Holocaust Torah. It made us feel that we were part of something very special and were very honored to share in that mitzvah.

What is the one word you would use to describe TBS?

What is your favorite TBS food?
Mark- Men's Club Steak & Scotch in the Sukkah
Pam- Mushroom bourekas at the 'An Evening with Chef Michael Solomonov'


Debby & Howard Sukinik

The Lazar Family have been members of TBS since the beginning. As early as I can remember, I attended services in Haddon Heights with my grandparents and I went to the children's services led by Morah Spechler and her puppets. We, Howie and I (re)joined TBS as a couple after getting married on the TBS bimah by Rabbi Lindemann in November 2012. I (Debby) had my Aleph Consecration, Dalet promotion, bat mitzvah and confirmation all on the same bimah. There was never a question in our minds as to which synagogue we would call ours.

As full time working parents to a toddler it is often hard to commit to activities outside of the home especially in the evenings, however we have tried to be involved at TBS where possible. Howie is a member of Men's Club and often takes our daughter Shayna to Sunday Funday with the Young Members Group. Debby is a member of Sisterhood and teaches the Gan class on Sundays in the Religious School. Shayna has been in daycare at TBS for the last nine months and we are thrilled with the Eric B. Jacobs Early Children Center. We have attended the holiday celebrations, family enrichment programs and Tot Shabbat.

We encourage others to get involved by deciding what's important to you and making it a priority. Plan ahead, put it on the calendar and book a babysitter! However, we know that involvement doesn't always mean being physically present. You can stay involved by reading the Rabbi's weekly message, checking out the Facebook page and making a donation to a fund that speaks to you.

Our favorite moment was Shayna's baby naming. That Shabbas morning we welcomed Shayndel Esther, a fourth generation "Lazar" named after Debby's grandmom Shirley to the TBS family. New memorable moments occur each day when we see how comfortable Shayna is at TBS, her "school", and how warmly she is greeted by the TBS staff. She is especially drawn to Alex's guitar playing on Wednesday afternoons!

Neither of us think one word can capture all that TBS is, but Howie says "inviting" and Debby says "family."

Favorite TBS Food
Howie: soft Rosendorf's challah
Debby: Soups and Sweets oatmeal raisin cookies


Candy & Paul Rubin

What first brought you to Temple Beth Sholom?
We moved to Turnersville in 1977, and soon were "adopted" by second generation members Karen and Steve Wolf who brought us to TBS. We immediately fell in love with the shul. We especially remember warm welcomes from Jerry Ackerman z"l and Lou Stern z"l (Alvin's father.) And as they say, "the rest is history."

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS?
We started coming to Friday night services back when services were late (8 pm) and the Oneg Shabbat was a good time to socialize. After we moved to Cherry Hill, we began attending Shabbat morning services more frequently.
Paul: Then Alvin took me under his wing and began a campaign of arm twisting, cajoling and persuasion to the point that I have now become active in various lay leadership roles. I am also a long time member of Rabbi Lindemann's Talmud class.
Candy: For several years I served on the the membership committee and helped organize many Shalom Nights. I enjoyed the opportunity to become acquainted with and welcome new families to TBS. As a member of the Board of Directors, I served as library chair. Happily, I was able to encourage Judy Brookover to become our librarian. Thanks to her efforts, we have an amazing library. Be sure to stop in and check our our collection.
Candy and Paul: Currently, we're part of the Shul of Rock committee. We plan to retire this June and hope to become more involved in TBS life.

How would you encourage others to become involved?
Just do something - start anywhere. Join Men's Club or Sisterhood (or Hazak or B'Emtza.) Come to Shabbat services or attend morning/evening minyan. Attend an adult enrichment class (btw - ANYTHING that Rabbi Lindemann or Rabbi Peltz teaches is ALWAYS fantastic.) Join a committee, or tell Jill Hammel or Michele Golkow that you would like to help. Make any kind of first step and someone will welcome you and draw you in further.

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
It's difficult to pick just one, so here are four. The b'nai mitzvah of our children Jason and Joshua, and the aufruf for Joshua and Rebecca. More recently, helping to write the new Torah was exceptionally meaningful to us. Being grandparents we are conscious of the importance of transmitting our tradition of l'dor vador.

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?

What is your favorite TBS food?
Cheese blintzas. (The babka that we used to have at kiddush was also mighty tasty.)


Lori & Michael Perlow

What first brought you to Temple Beth Sholom?
Michael: When we moved from Boston to Cherry Hill in June 2007, I was a month into saying Kaddish for my father. I found the morning and evening minyans to be an incredibly warm and comforting place during a difficult time. The fact that we were so new to the community and not yet members at TBS made the experience that much more powerful.

How have you become involved in synagogue life at TBS? How would you encourage others to become involved?
Michael: I participated in the inaugural Presidents Leadership Institute group which provided an amazing environment to learn and explore Jewish text and develop leadership skills. In September 2015, I began my second term on the TBS Board of Directors. During my one year off the board, I truly missed this unique opportunity to play such an intrical role in the ongoing growth of our synagogue. I previously served as co-chair of the Membership Committee and remain proud of the great Summer Kickoff events we held each June. I've also had the honor to be a part of the Tribute Dinner team for all four Tribute Dinners. I used my video production skills to help tell the stories of all the honorees through the creation of individual tribute videos. It gave me a special opportunity to get to know so many amazing TBS members in a very up-close and personal way. Over the past few years, I've become very involved in the Men's Club. In 2015, I joined the Men's Club board.

Lori: As an active and engaged parent of Max (9) and Jeremy (6), I first became involved with the Early Childhood Committee while Jeremy was enrolled in the Eric B. Jacobs Early Childhood Center. Currently, I'm in my second year as a participant on the Young Members Group Committee. I had lots of fun co-chairing the "Light up the Night - Groove N Glow Dance Party" for Chanukah last month. Planning and promoting the event with two others co-chairs I didn't know well was the perfect way to get to know other congregants who were just familiar faces until then. Michael and I are beyond excited to be co-chairing the upcoming Shul of Rock event in April 2016.

Please describe your favorite moment at TBS.
Michael: We've had so many but the opportunity to write a letter in the restored Holocaust Torah was so powerful and meaningful for us and our boys. The fact that Lori's grandmother is a Holocaust Survivor and in a few years Max can read from that Torah on his Bar Mitzvah made it that much more a memorable experience.

Lori: It's hard to choose, but there's one "event" that stands out, even though it didn't take place in shul. A few years ago, my grandfather was very sick in the hospital and we weren't sure if he would recover. I was desperate for prayers and strength during that time. It was also late December and Rabbi Peltz was leading the confirmation trip to Israel. Through the power of Facebook, I sent him a private message asking him to please say a mishaberach for my grandfather when he visited the Western Wall. Within minutes, Rabbi Peltz replied and assured me he would. This warmed my heart and I'm pleased to share that my grandfather recovered and is doing well today.

What is one word you would use to describe TBS?

What is your favorite TBS food?
Rosendorff's Challah