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Our new, interactive Yahrzeit Display Board is located on the Wall of Remembrance Dedicated by Judy & Bernie Platt and Family.

For those of you who have a plaque for your loved one in the Lenett/Whinston Memorial Alcove, the Yahrzeit will now be displayed on the monitor beginning the week of the anniversary of their passing, instead of the plaque being placed on the shelf, which will now be permanently affixed to the wall in the alcove. The Yahrzeit Display Board has many features, including:

  • Automatically displays name of loved ones beginning the week of the anniversary of their Yahrzeit.
  • Quickly and easily search the database of names on the touch screen display (except on Shabbat and holidays).
  • Stores personal profiles, photographs, and achievements of individuals.
  • Picture bio page allows you to upload photos and text.
  • Strengthens knowledge and appreciation of family’s legacy and history.

A new yahrzeit plaque can be purchased for $550 which includes the digital listing on the Yahrzeit Display Board.  A digital listing only (no plaque in the alcove) is $450. If you're a TBS member, please log into your account prior to purchasing.

Click here to view the database of those who have a plaque of their loved one.

Click here to purchase a new yahrzeit plaque for the Memorial Alcove and/or the Yahrzeit Display Board. For the digital display board, you can add a bio and photos of your loved one.

Click here to add a bio and/or photo for a pre-existing plaque.

Please contact us at or call the office at (856) 751-6663 with any questions.


Sharing the story of those who came before us keeps their memory alive and also helps us be resilient.  Judaism provides us with many opportunities to remember loved ones.  One of the most enduring of these ways is marking the yahrzeit, the one-year anniversary of a loved one’s passing.  We count one year from the day s/he passed away, and on that day we light a candle, say Mourner’s Kaddish, and give tzedakah or study Torah in their memory.  At TBS, the Lenett/Whinston Memorial Alcove contains plaques with the names and yahrzeit dates of those who have passed away.  For years, each week, dedicated volunteers have moved those plaques from the alcove to the main hallway to display them the week of the yahrzeit.  We are proud to announce that we are enhancing this remembrance of our loved ones with a digital yahrzeit display board located outside the memorial alcove on the Wall of Remembrance Dedicated by Judy & Bernie Platt and Family. This board will allow us to not only share the names and the yahrzeits of our loved ones, it also gives us the opportunity to share their stories.  Stories that continue to inspire us to live by their values each and every day.

-Rabbi Peltz

Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyyar 5784