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Conversion to Judaism

The process of conversion for all ages begins with a conversation with one of our rabbis. We recognize that each situation is unique, and we will talk through the process and its components with you. There are three requirements for conversion: study, brit milah (circumcision - for boys only), and mikveh. For children, parents must commit to giving their child a Jewish education and raising them Jewish. Boys who did not have a traditional brit milah, but were circumcised, would need to have a symbolic circumcision with a trained mohel. Both boys and girls are also required to go to the mikveh. Adults interested in converting to Judaism enroll in the Goodblatt Academy, with one of our rabbis serving as your sponsor. This is a nine-month conversion course that meets locally. There are also regular meetings with your sponsoring rabbi for additional study and conversation. During this time of learning, the prospective convert is also expected to participate regularly in Shabbat and Holiday services, and to begin to take on more mitzvot (commandments). Men who have not had a brit milah will need to meet with a mohel during this time. At the end of this period, the candidate for conversion will go before a beit din of three rabbis to ensure that they are ready to become a part of the Jewish people. Once this is affirmed, the candidate goes to the mikveh and then is officially a member of the Jewish people. We will celebrate the conversion with an aliyah to the Torah on Shabbat morning at TBS.

For more information about conversion, please reach out to Rabbi Peltz.

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