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Fund Descriptions

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TBS Education & Scholarship Funds

  • Adam Convissar Fund – HaMakom High School scholarships
  • Camp Ramah Fund – Camp Ramah scholarships
  • Confirmation Class Israel Trip Fund – Confirmation class Israel trip scholarships
  • ECEC Exploratorium - Supports expenses for our science center
  • ECEC Tuition Assistance Fund – Needs-based scholarships for the EBJ Early Childhood Education Center
  • Eric B. Jacobs ECEC Fund – Early Childhood Education Center building improvements
  • Erna & Bernie Anolik Youth Israel Scholarship Fund – Youth Israel trips scholarships
  • Gimmel Consecration Fund in Celebration of Morah Claire Spechler – Supports Consecration programming
  • Judy & Bernie Platt HaMakom Tuition Assistance Fund - HaMakom High School scholarships
  • Karen Levy Scholarship Fund – HaMakom High School scholarships
  • Mort Comer Special Needs Education Fund – Special needs funds
  • Shellie Greenspun Fund – Supports TBS contribution to Gift of Israel program
  • Shirley Lazar Preschool Fund – Support of the Eric B. Jacobs Early Childhood Education Center
  • TBS/KBA Family Scholarship Fund – KBA tuition scholarships for TBS members
  • Teachers Education Fund – For teachers’ conferences
  • Todd & Esilda Jacobs Fertility and Education Fund – Assistance for fertility treatments, adoption and education, and ECEC & RS scholarships

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Book & Library Funds

  • Nathan Abramowitz Library Fund – Funds for library cataloging projects
  • Prayerbook & Bible Fund – Funds for prayer books
  • S. Benham Kahn Library Fund – Supports library expenses

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TBS General Funds

  • General Donations – Supports general operating expenses of the synagogue
  • Adult Israel Trip Fund in memory of Stuart & Maxine Winston – Supports funding for TBS sponsored Israel trips
  • Am Yisrael Hai Fund – Supports our family in Israel directly by educating and empowering learners of all ages in our TBS Family to be proud Jews who stand with Israel and the Jewish people
  • Dr. Jeffrey Kramer Bioethics Initiative Fund - Supports programming of Jewish ethics and medical ethics 
  • Fine Arts Fund – Support of TBS fine arts
  • HaNetunim B'tzara: World Jewry Support Fund – Assisting Jews in need throughout the world
  • Perry Goldstein Minyan Fund – Supports tzedakah distributions
  • Rabbi Albert Lewis Memorial Fund – Supports building improvements
  • Ravitz Family Kindness Fund – Scholarships and support for families in need
  • Reid Trager Fund – Supports various programming
  • Rhoda Albom Memorial Fund – Supports arts and beautification
  • Sandra Frame Music Fund – Supports TBS choir and music programming
  • Social Advocacy Fund - Supports social advocacy initiatives
  • Sonya Katz Social Action Fund – Supports social action initiatives
  • TBS Connects – Connecting our community through technology
  • TBS Security Fund – Supports security initiatives at TBS 
  • Technology Fund - Supports TBS information technology initiatives
  • Torah Restoration Fund – Supports cost of Torah repairs 
  • William & Evelyn Katz Landscaping Fund – Supports cost of landscaping expenses

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TBS Tzedakah Funds

  • Cantor Cohen Tzedakah Fund
  • Preschool Tzedakah Fund
  • Rabbi Albert & Sarah Lewis Religious School Tzedakah Fund
  • Rabbi Lindemann Tzedakah Fund
  • Rabbi Peltz Tzedakah Fund
  • Rabbi Wexler Tzedakah Fund

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Endowment Funds

  • Beverly Galkin Pesach Kiddush Fund – Supports Passover Kiddushim
  • Bob & Estelle Richter Hazak Fund – Supports Hazak programming
  • Bruce & Rosalee Levine Family Support Fund – Need-based financial assistance for medical expenses
  • Cary Massa Fund – Educate and support members of TBS and the community with breast cancer
  • Claire & Herman Siegel Fund – Scholarships for HaMakom High School
  • Cynthia & Edward Adleman Fund for Teacher Enrichment – Supports continuing education for teachers 
  • Harry & Lillian Antell Education and Cultural Fund – Educational scholarships and cultural programming
  • Irv & Gerri Goldstein Scholarship Fund – Scholarships for HaMakom High School
  • Jerome Cohen Fund – Supports Israel trips
  • Joy of Jewish Living Fund – Scholarships for HaMakom High School 
  • Leonard Cohen Scholarship Fund – Scholarships awarded for college education
  • Levikoff Sukkah Fund – Supports Sukkot Kiddushim and Sukkah decorations
  • Levy Jewish Continuity Program Fund – Scholarships for HaMakom High School and college
  • Music Fund – Supports TBS choir and music programming
  • Rabbi Lindemann Lifelong Learning Center Program Fund – Supports lifelong learning programming
  • Rachmiel Cohen Levenson Ramah Fund – Need-based scholarships for Camp Ramah
  • Shapiro Family Fund – Supports educational projects and initiatives at TBS
  • Susan Levikoff Inclusion Programming Fund – Supports inclusion programming designed to integrate special needs individuals with mainstream individuals, to promote personal experiences and fellowship
  • Torah Fund – Supports innovative programming at TBS

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