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Security Update

09/21/2023 11:45:47 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

Shanah Tovah! I hope this email finds you all safe and well in our first week of 5784. Safety remains a top priority at TBS, and with careful consideration, a high standard of security procedures for the High Holy Days have been put into place. In addition to the security procedures that are in place throughout the year at TBS, Cherry Hill Police, JFED Security, and other professional security personnel will be on site both in the building...Read more...

Gearing up for a Sweet New Year

08/31/2023 12:20:51 PM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

And just like that the summer is (almost) over. Always goes too fast. We are hard at work preparing for the High Holy Days and the programmatic year. 

Please remember to submit your school registration forms and membership renewal forms with your High Holy Day seating/livestream requests ASAP if you have not done so already. 

High Holy Day packets, which will include your tickets, will be available for pickup in...Read more...

Hineni - I Am Here. 

08/17/2023 12:17:46 PM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

A couple of months ago I received an email that the IDF needed more volunteers due to an uptick in terrorist activity. So I signed up. Hineni. I didn’t know where they would send me or what my role would be. Didn’t matter, because for me that’s part of the excitement...Read more...

Greetings from Israel! 

08/10/2023 10:35:53 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

I am currently volunteering for the IDF for two weeks on an army base in the central district of Israel near a town called Petah Tikvah, its name meaning Door of Hope. Every morning, before we begin our workday, we meet in a common area of the base...Read more...

Tempus Fugit

06/22/2023 11:00:23 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

This Sunday evening marks the eighth Yahrzeit of my mom’s passing. Feels like it was just last summer. Amazing how fast time is flying (Tempus Fugit is the Latin term for time flies in case you were wondering). Of course I will light a Yahrzeit candle and recite the Mourner’s Kaddish. And if I can carve out the time, I will make the 15-hour drive to Long Island (slight exaggeration) to visit my mom’s grave site. And I will remind my 3...Read more...

Annual Meeting Excerpts

06/08/2023 11:15:18 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual Meeting last night either in-person or via the livestream. Below are excerpts of my report, and pre-recorded videos from myself, our Treasurer, Marc Oppen, and the Presidents of Hazak, Alvin Stern, Men’s Club, Mike Perlow, and Sisterhood, Sherrie Cohen, can be viewed here

Thank you to all of you who are here this evening, and to those of you who...Read more...

Report to the Board of Directors

05/25/2023 10:58:26 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

Thank you to everyone who attended the congregational security drill last week. If you were not able to attend but would like to learn about our procedures during an emergency, please reach out to me to schedule a time to review. More on that, membership renewal, and other topics can be found in excerpts of my report below to the Board of Directors at our Board meeting last night.  

Membership renewal for the 2023/2024-5784 year...

Membership Renewals

05/11/2023 11:43:25 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

This coming Tuesday, May 16, at 6:45pm we will be conducting a congregational security drill on responding to an active shooter event. It is very important to have a plan in place for worst case scenarios, and to conduct drills to practice those plans. We recently conducted Run/Hide/Fight active shooter drills with faculty, staff, and clergy, and it is time once again to practice these drills with the congregation at large. So, whether you...Read more...

Congregational Updates

05/04/2023 11:58:49 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

As we are nearing the end of the current fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30, we prepare for membership renewal for the coming year, as membership and dues at TBS are renewed on a yearly basis. So, please keep an eye out for an email the week of May 15th with information regarding the membership renewal process for 2023/2024 (5784), including a link that will allow you to submit your membership renewal electronically. There will...Read more...

Board of Directors Meeting - April (Executive Director Summary)

04/20/2023 12:38:24 PM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

I hope everyone had a nice and meaningful Pesah and enjoyed your time with family and friends. And hopefully you enjoyed some downtime as well (I did). Below are excerpts of my report at the Board of Directors meeting last night: 

At our Board meeting last month I reported that I received notice from FEMA of confirmation that a payment of 78k had been approved for reimbursement of PPE expenses incurred in fiscal years 2020...Read more...

Executive Director Message: Congregational Security Training

03/23/2023 01:25:26 PM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

SAVE THE DATE! On Tuesday, May 16 at 6:45pm we will be conducting a very important congregational security training on responding to an active shooter event. Security continues to be our highest priority, and we are continually evaluating our procedures and infrastructure to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our entire TBS community. In recent years we have taken many steps to make our building more secure, implementing new...Read more...

Executive Director's Report

03/16/2023 10:39:24 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

March 16, 2023

It was 3 years ago this past Monday that we shut down the building for what we thought would only be a two-week closure. Little did we know that we would be closed for several months and things would never really be the same. The world is now a different place and a lot has changed for TBS in many ways, including how we gather, how we communicate, how we engage, and how we keep our community safe. These are some of the areas...Read more...

Staff Security Training

03/09/2023 11:27:33 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

February 9, 2023

Run, hide, or fight? These are the options one must consider if faced with the unthinkable. Not a pleasant thought, but we have to think about it, and we have to prepare.  And that is exactly what we did last Thursday evening as members of the JFED security team conducted active shooter drills with more than 60 members of our faculty, staff, and clergy.  We started with a full staff discussion on the Run/Hide/Fight...Read more...

Strategic Planning

03/02/2023 10:39:39 AM


Ron Safier, Executive Director

Six weeks ago I wrote about our current strategic planning process to make our community even stronger and better poised to meet the evolving needs of all our members during the next 3- 5 years. Many in the congregation have already been involved in discussions with us, but we would like to open this process up to those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to make your voices heard and contribute to this important work.

As part...

Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784