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We are excited about HaMakom, 7th-12th grade Engagement Program!
Our program includes:

  • HaMakom High School
  • HaMakom On The Road
  • HaMakom Hangout

At HaMakom teens experience dynamic classroom experiences, once-in-a-lifetime memory making trips, fun social programs that are both meaningful and exciting, and Shabbat and holiday celebrations that are both engaging and spiritual.

2023-24 HaMakom CalendarHaMakom Handbook

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HaMakom High School: Hands-on experiential, religious and educational program

HaMakom is where our entire High School (7th-12th grade) is learning together at the same time. It is taught by our Hebrew High School Director, Jared Kaufman, our Director of Congregational Learning, Alex Weinberg, our TBS clergy, and other dynamic and experienced Jewish educators. Each grade has a learning theme and students take classes each year pertaining to that theme. The themes are intended to create a narrative arc, in which each year of learning builds on past years. Students also have the opportunity to select from an exciting array of elective classes. Classroom learning and discussions are applicable to real-life topics and to the students’ lives.

HaMakom on the Road: Teen Learning Trips
Jewish learning must happen beyond the walls of the classroom and HaMakom on the Road provides opportunities for students to experience Judaism and grow as a Teen TBS community in real time. The highlight of our Teen Program is our two-week tenth grade Confirmation Trip to Israel. We are excited to offer other travel opportunities for all TBS teens in 7th-12th grade throughout the year.

HaMakom Hangout: Teen Religious and Social Programs
TBS teens come together throughout the year for religious and social programs. HaMakom Shabbatot is a time which teens will be invited to join us at our Congregational Shabbat morning service followed by a teen-only special Kiddush with fun food, learning with a member of the clergy. Finally, throughout the year, each grade is invited for a Shabbat/holiday dinner at Rabbi Wexler’s home.

For more information about how HaMakom is the place for your teen, please contact:
Rabbi Bryan WexlerJared Kaufman or John Imhof.

Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784