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Adult Education 2021-22


Take the Year Off! The Meaning of the Shmita (Sabbatical) Year
Led by Rabbis Peltz, Wexler, and Lindemann
The Torah tells us that every seventh year is a shmita (sabbatical) year where we must let the land lie fallow. This year is a shmita year! Instead of taking the year off, we invite to study together about the meaning and challenge of shmita for our ancestors, and what it means for our own Jewish lives together. We will explore biblical and rabbinic concepts, environmental applications, and modern thinkers.
Tuesdays, October 5, 19; November 2, 16, 30; December 14
12:30 PM – all on Zoom

Tuesday Night Talmud
Nazir: Vowing Abstinence for Holiness
Led by Rabbis Katz and Lindemann
The Nazarite vows abstinence from wine or any grape derivative, cutting his/her hair, and contact with a corpse. Does such a vow really create a higher level of holiness? What does this Tractate teach us about the nature of religion and human nature? How do the stories of Samson, Queen Helena of Adiabene, and Samuel add to our appreciation of these issues? Why does the Talmud devote an entire Tractate to a practice that ceased after the destruction of the Temple? These are just some of the questions raised by the Talmud’s teachings on one of the most esoteric practices found in the Bible. For now, we are going to meet via Zoom, but we will continue to explore the possibility for meeting in-person. There will be a charge of $80 for the text (two volumes). Please contact Laura Padersky to register.
Tuesdays, October 5, 19; November 2, 16; December 7,21; January 4,18; February 1,15; March 1,15; April 5,19; May 3,17
8:15 PM

Soul Sisters
Led by Cantor Jen Cohen
Join us as we explore the stories, laws, and role of women in the Tanakh through a lively discussion of the parasha of the week.
Wednesdays, October 13, 27; November 10, 17; December 8; January 12, 26; February 9, 23; March 9, 23; April 13; May 11, 25
12:30 PM - In Person

My Problems With Prayer – And How I Solved Them
Led by Rabbi Michael Katz
Many people find Jewish Prayer so difficult, they give up on it. Discover a new approach to the Siddur that can speak personally to you and the concerns of your life.
Sundays, October 10, 17, 24, 31
9:15-10:30 AM in person at TBS

Following a successful launch of our ScholarStream program in 5781, the Rabbinical Assembly is excited to announce the full year of ScholarStream learning in 5782! Beginning in October and spanning all the way up to Shavuot, the Conservative Movement seminaries and institutions are partnering to offer eight series that will bring you face-to-face with the brightest and most engaging scholars our
movement has to offer. 

Scholarstream 5782 features three distinct arcs of learning that stand alone or flow into each other. Cultivating Our Relationships (series 1 & 2), Defining Our Sacred Spaces (series 3, 4, and 5), and Renewing Our Resilience (series 6, 7, and 8) will offer an exploration of who we are, where we are in relation to others, and how we move forward in this complicated world.

Click here for course dates and descriptions. Register for FREE with Coupon Code: TBSCherryHill21

Jews Who Inspire: How Their Values Teach Us to Behave in a Modern World
Led by Gilah Lewis Sietz
Join Gilah to learn about some great Jewish men and women who have shaped our glorious Jewish history. Their unique lives and values became their legacy, thus enabling all who follow to aspire to be the best of who we are. All are welcome to share in a lively discussion complete with humor and a little nosh.
Thursday, October 21; November 11; December 16; January 13
7 PM - In Person

Goodblatt Academy
The Rabbi Morris Goodblatt Academy is an Introduction to Judaism course sponsored by the Philadelphia Region of the Rabbinical Assembly, which represents Conservative Jewish rabbis in Greater Philadelphia, Southern New
Jersey and Delaware. Adults interested in converting to Judaism can enroll in the Goodblatt Academy, with one of our rabbis serving as your sponsor. This Zoom course will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30 pm. First class only will be on a Thursday (September 23), all other classes will be on Wednesdays.

Wed, December 8 2021 4 Tevet 5782