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Adult Education

Adult B'nai Mitzvah Class

Are you ready to take the next step in your Jewish journey? If you have always wanted to celebrate your bar or bat mitzvah, or if you missed the opportunity when you were younger, this is your chance to join a supportive and engaging group of adult learners. Beginning in September, you will meet with TBS clergy one or two Shabbat mornings per month to explore the beauty and meaning of Shabbat liturgy and ritual. You will learn from Rabbi Peltz, Rabbi Wexler, and our rabbinic intern, Rabbi Alicia, who will guide you through the service and help you deepen your understanding of Jewish practice. You will also work with Cantor Cohen to learn prayers and a Torah reading to prepare for our adult b’nai mitzvah celebration on May 11, 2024. For more information, contact Laura Padersky,
Shabbat dates: September 30; October 14, 28; November 11; December 2, 16; January 13; February 24; March 9
(additional dates tba)

Adult B’nai Mitzvah Service
May 11, 2024

Soul Sisters

Led by Cantor Cohen
Join a great group of women as we explore the stories, laws, and role of women in the Tanakh through a lively discussion of the parasha of the week.
Wednesdays, September 20; October 11, 25; November 8, 29; December 13; March 13, 27; April 10; May 8, 29 
12:30pm - 

Tuesday Night Talmud
Masekhet Sanhedrin: Capital Punishment and Compassion

Led by Rabbi Lindemann and Rabbi Katz
The Talmud seeks to limit capital punishment, but even when the Sanhedrin issues a death sentence, there are rules for reconsideration up to the last minute and efforts to make execution as humane as possible.  Many corollary questions are also considered:  K’vod HaMeyt (The honor of the deceased) and comforting mourners; potential conflicting concerns of the community and the court; permissibility of preemptive strikes that may take a life; and whether one may sacrifice his or her own life for others.  Jurisprudence and Jewish prudence come together to create a study in capital punishment and compassion.
Tuesdays, September 12, 26; October 10, 24; November 7, 21; December 5, 19; January 9, 23; February 6, 20; March 5, 19; April 2, 16; May 14, 28 

Registration Fee $70, includes texts and materials – Contact Laura Padersky to register.

Lunch & Learn

Led by Rabbi Peltz, Rabbi Wexler, Rabbi Lindemann, Cantor Cohen, and special guests

Holy and AWE-some: The Rhythm of the High Holy Days
In this three session series, we will explore themes and teachings from Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot, each dedicated session before the holiday itself.  
Tuesdays, September 5,19; October 3; 12:30pm - In-Person

The Torah Says What?!:  Understanding Difficult Passages in the Five Books of Moses
Have you ever read a passage from the Torah that left you confused or utterly surprised? Of course!  In          this Lunch and Learn series, we will explore such passages from the Torah in attempt to wrestle with,              explain, better understand, and perhaps even find meaning in these difficult texts. 
Tuesdays, October 17, 31; November 14, 28; December 12; 12:30pm - In-Person

Aging Gracefully with Gilah Lewis Sietz

‘Gray hair is a crown of Glory; It is attained by the way of righteousness’ Proverbs 16:31

Such is the way we age. First the hair, then the eyesight, teeth, then what??? Aging is inevitable; along with taxes. HOW we age is a gift we can give to our children, family, friends and those around us. What kind of legacy can we leave as we gray and squint? Judaism gives us so many beautiful, practical and intelligent ways to age with grace. Join Gilah Lewis Sietz as we discover this amazing world of aging together as we learn a little, cry a little and laugh a lot!!

Scholar Stream

ScholarStream is excited to announce a full year of learning in 5783! Beginning this fall and spanning all the way up to Shavuot, the Conservative Movement seminaries and institutions are partnering to offer seven series that will bring you face-to-face with the brightest and most engaging scholars our movement has to offer. Course dates and registration information can be found here. Register for FREE with coupon code: TBS5783

Community Beit Midrash

More information coming soon!
Call or email Laura Padersky 856-751-6663 for more information.

Goodblatt Academy

The Rabbi Morris Goodblatt Academy is an Introduction to Judaism course sponsored by the Philadelphia Region of the Rabbinical Assembly, which represents Conservative Jewish rabbis in Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and Delaware. This 18 session course is both for conversion candidates and anyone interested in learning the basics of Judaism. Fall semester begins on September 6. For more information and to register go to Contact Rabbi Wexler with any questions.


September Lunch and Learn
The Liturgy of the High Holidays using Mahzor Lev Shalem
Led by Rabbis Peltz, Wexler, and Lindemann

Using our new mahzor, Mahzor Lev Shalem, and the many wonderful insights and commentaries that it includes, our pre-High Holy Day Lunch and Learn Class will provide a journey through a selection of the High Holy Day Liturgy. The goal of the class is to familiarize ourselves with our new mahzor before we use it together on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Tuesdays, September 6, 13, 20
12:30 pm - In-person (outside in the tent weather permitting)

The Abayudaya Jewish Community of Uganda with Yonatan Katz Lukato and Esau Wamani

Lunch & Learn - Tuesday, November 15, 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Join Yonatan and Esau, members of the Abayuda Jewish Community of Uganda who were with us on Yom Kippur, for a lunch and learn about their community’s fascinating history, observances, and music.  We will meet at TBS and lunch will be available. Free to attend but registration required. Register HERE by Friday, November 11 to attend in person. No need to register if attending via Zoom. See below for Zoom details.


Breakfast - Wednesday, November 16, 9-10 am
Join us for a light breakfast at TBS where Yonatan and Esau will share their story of the Abayudaya Jewish Community in Uganda. Rabbi Peltz will give an update about the progress TBS has made in providing them with help and support. Free to attend in-person. No registration required. Zoom option available below.

Zoom - Meeting ID: 894 1881 5962, Phone: 929-205-6099, Passcode: 5783

Naomi Shemer: The Voice of a Nation
Led by Rabbi Michael Katz

Song Secrets - We’ll examine some of the most famous Israeli popular songs of Naomi Shemer and discover historical, musical, and personal secrets hidden in the words and music.

Sundays, October 23, 30; November 6
9:15 am – In-person

Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784