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Calling All Hands

03/29/2023 04:19:22 PM


Rabbi Steven Lindemann

On Shabbat, I tuned in to the TBS Livestream from Haiti.  Eli Greenberg’s Bar Mitzvah D’var Torah really spoke to me, or maybe I should say it “called to me,” because Vayikra means “He (God) Called.”  Have you ever felt called? Called to do something—a profession, a mission, a Mitzvah?  HaveFaith Haiti Mission Orphanage calls to many who come here to volunteer.

Amy teaches, but can’t resist cuddling Bradley. Justin came to lay SynLawn artificial turf, but also plays guitar. Hailey was a volunteer for over a year and is now Coordinator of Volunteers, but clearly she does a lot more than that.   








Eli added another dimension to his D’var Torah by noting that the letter aleph in the word Vayikra appeared to him as two hands reaching toward each other from above and below.  Perhaps that represents God reaching down to hand Torah to Moses, or maybe it depicts human beings reaching up toward God.  To me, it suggests that we encounter God when we extend our hands to each other—to help, to share, to give.  You can see a lot of that at Have Faith Haiti. 

Julia is the SynLawn Crew Chief, who seems to have the more than the job firmly in hand.  Meanwhile, PJ has discovered that the kids love to lend a helping hand.




Here, at the Orphanage, the older students also learn that they have a hand in nurturing their younger brothers and sisters.  For my part, while I came here to teach Bible, ten-year-old Stefania had me trying my hand at Frisbee (fortunately, there is no video of that).




Helping, sharing…giving-that’s where all of you come in.  Before I left the Orphanage, it was my honor to present a donation to Mitch from members of TBS and friends of TBS. It is a check for $25,000 to be used to create a new living room/den/lounge that will be a place for the kids to gather for movie nights, meetings, informal learning and just hanging out together.  As I handed him the check, I had a feeling we are all called to do God’s work.  It’s a hands-on mission.  





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