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Sustainability Project Team

Calling all bicycle riders! Temple Beth Sholom’s Sustainability Committee is forming a bike riding team as part of TBS's Hazon Seal of Sustainability project. Hazon is a group that works to create healthier and more sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond. We look forward to having bike rides for our members and to riding as a team in other rides.

TBS is so proud to receive the 2017 Hazon Seal of Sustainability! This seal certifies a Jewish organization's commitment to sustainability, environmentally-friendly practices, higher welfare treatment of animals, and reduced impact on climate change. Receiving this certification signifies that TBS, along with a network of over 50 Jewish organizations, is emerging as a leader in the realm of Jewish sustainability. Throughout the past year, we have taken substantial steps and we look forward to continuing this important work in future years as we launch exciting new initiatives. 

Please visit the Hazon website to learn more!

From Temple Talk - April/May/June 2018

Hazon’s Commencement
Graduations are called “commencements,” right? Because they are better viewed as beginnings rather than endings.

Last year in Temple Talk I wrote of our synagogue’s commitment to partner with Hazon, the Jewish world’s foremost environmental group, in achieving a more sustainable TBS. I am happy to report that after a year or so of taking the necessary actions, we have made it to our “commencement.”

This month, we were designated by Hazon as being certified with their Seal of Sustainability. With funding from the Jewish Community Foundation, and the TBS Endowment Fund, we engaged in activities including action, education and advocacy to bring us to this point. Our food services have been streamlined and made more efficient eliminating enormous waste and we are encouraging more people to put themselves on bicycles, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a healthier you. If you want to pursue cycling, please get in touch with me as we have partnered with a local bike shop for special TBS pricing.

We are especially proud to have been “hand picked” by Hazon to bring this initiative to South Jersey. As the first and only area institution to receive this designation it is now up to us to move the process forward. We are this year going to look at our building and see where we can become more efficient and environmentally friendly and we are going to continue our bicycle promotions. Our intentions are to create a TBS Bike Team. Not only for health but also to join fundraisers that utilize bike rides. One of Hazon’s major fundraising initiatives involves bike rides in some beautiful and fascinating destinations. Can’t you picture yourself in the Berkshires or Israel on the seat of a bike?

I am grateful to our committee members who have worked so hard to bring us to this point. Shehecheyanu! And please, if this project speaks to you, contact me or any of our Sustainability Project members to get involved.

Roy Levinson
Hazon Chairperson

Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782